fuck it, i'm going back to plain old black and white

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why does every colour combination that has a contrast ratio above 7:1 look awful?

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dogs try so hard not to bark sometimes it breaks your heart

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I promise to post this toot, the whole toot, and nothing but the toot:

putting work in VM was a brilliant idea. i paused for lunch, so i paused the VM. no more annoying slack messages during lunch

re: a bowl of piss and shit. open if you wanna i dont care 

@laurie why though

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i think they should melt down the 10,000 sex arses to build a memorial to the souls lost in the boer war

@selfsame i am a dinosaur expert and can confirm that is a dinosaur

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@marie_joseph @be KHTML is arguably the thing which broke Microsoft's toxic attempt to control the Web. Ironic that they've now given up on their own rendering engine (Trident - as I suggested they do around 2009), and adopted a KHTML derivative, too.

KHTML, and the community behind it, is a largely unsung hero... and one of the greatest (most influential) FOSS projects ever.

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twitch please actually notify me when people are streaming

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is it really gcc output if there aren't 100 warnings from SDL?

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