is this punishment for me actually doing some work on Salmon last night?

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excuse me github, but i'd actually do like to do a code review, not look at your 500 error

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@cccam what google actually means: our engineering team(s) decided to de-duplicate your name all over the place for "performance" reasons and now it's an absolute nightmare to change your name. please don't do it, we haven't tested that code

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this is what i've got so far

i need the hand to be less creepy. maybe replace it with a bucket of seeds or something?

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cut something in half, cut each of those halves in half, etc. etc.

how many times do i have to cut things in half before i have a number of things that's divisible by 3? :thinking_fidget:

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i'm posting these also outside of that conversation because it is very good:

please behold these naughty goats who did not stop headbutting things with their horns and had to be put into punitive pool noodles and tennis balls for no hurty others

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I hope none of you nerds here use Palemoon as an alternative Firefox browser because the developer just came out against anti-racist measures and positions.

django-sendfile2 v0.6.0 has been released to PyPI and it's a security release.

Get it here:

More details about the security issue that was fixed by this release can be found here:

Thanks to Gianluca Pacchiella for reporting this issue and for providing the initial patch.

Excuse me but this really isn't the time for a 500 error

never trust anyone who calls themselves a "bedfordian"

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me after closing the window because it was raining: why is it so hot in here?

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instance block recommendation / transphobia / racism / etc etc 

have you heard the word of our lord and saviour, Orgmode?

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