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Hello, it looks like I need to go find some more paid work ☺

If you're looking for a contractor who knows Python and Django, then feel free to DM me. Would prefer London work, but could do Nottingham or Cambridge if the work is good.

Recruiters need not apply.

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stream has ended fyi.

i'm thinking of doing it again next week at the same time (11pm uk time)

me: let's do some doodling

also me: my desk is now flooded

that wasn't nearly as painful to setup as other streamers i've watched have made it seem 😀

would anyone be interested in some art live streams? i was thinking of doing some watercolours tomorrow…

syncthing: btw it was the one for your ltd company with all the business records on it. i hope you have the keep versions option on!

(i suspect it's my phone as that was playing up the other day - so i've removed it as i don't actually use orgzly that much anyway)

*syncthing screaming at me that 2000 files are missing while it downloads files from another node*

syncthing: oh wait, no i was wrong. btw i deleted one of your org files

I was going to upgrade to Fedora 30 Beta, but my desktop is just sitting here saying it can't close swap. I think this is my computer's way of saying "hey, do this tomorrow morning"

Remember that time I threatened to make a jQuery clone? Well, it maybe sorta does exist now:

ever wonder why your train is late in the mornings sometimes? well,

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