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Hello, it looks like I need to go find some more paid work ☺

If you're looking for a contractor who knows Python and Django, then feel free to DM me. Would prefer London work, but could do Nottingham or Cambridge if the work is good.

Recruiters need not apply.

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getting angry about slow loading websites and trying to stop myself from writing a clone of jQuery that doesn't support ie8

I dreamt about plants slowly becoming mobile and grabbing for people and the feeling of a slow but sure end of civilization 😪

if I lost my religion I would simply use a bigger spotlight

Oh cool, got given commit access to another project that I contribute too ☺️

Gotta love WiFi: Chromecast has been fine all day, throws a tantrum and refuses to speak to the router as soon as the cooker is turned on.

Phone and laptop in the same room have no issues.

Ugh, I've been sitting on this blog for 6 months. Just need to power through and proof read it 😬

Public Domain Day Is Finally Here!.

Copyrighted Works Have Entered the Public Domain Today for the First Time in 21 Years:

I finally understand people who take selfies all the damn time.

I won't be posting any of mine here though, I don't want any thirst followers 💜

@dansup Our present to the fediverse is federation support.

It's not perfect and has a few bugs but it won't take long to get everything working as expected!

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