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(1/5) Previously, we have mentioned the dire situation of rolling stock on MRT Kajang Line and LRT Kelana Jaya Line. Transport ministry has no jurisdiction over operational finance. Finance ministry @MOFmalaysia@twitter.com should not starve funding for fleet maintenance. twitter.com/transitmy/status/1

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Hello everybody!! Kizuna Hobby Fair 2022 is just around the corner :D

Feel free to visit our booth, The KenyalangVT on the first floor :3

Here are my merchandise listing, and don't be afraid to approach one of our agents during the event!!

See you there!!

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@P7i7Plum3@twitter.com A list of the bug fixes can be found on the changelog: dev.minetest.net/Changelog#5.6

This is a bug fix only release, no new features

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Tahukah anda?

Senarai pembaikan pepijat boleh dijumpai di log perubahan:
dev.minetest.net/Changelog#5.6 (bahasa Inggeris)

Terbitan versi 5.6.1 ini hanyalah terbitan pembaikan pepijat, tidak ada penambahan ciri baharu. twitter.com/MinetestProject/st

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The number of times I’ve had people who have their cars towed after illegally parking along Jalan Petaling saying “it’s not our fault there’s not enough parking!!”

my brother in tunku abdul rahman pasar seni is the most connected place in KL by public transit twitter.com/ed3d3d/status/1574

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having less parking would not "punish" citizens. people have their own free will, and they would decide whether they should park on the spot, take a bus there or walk their way there as a last mile connection based on the amenities provided.

that's how induced demand works. twitter.com/NAWAWIMOHAMAD1/sta

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Generation gap is real, tak kira umur sebenarnya. Cara yang terbaik banyakkan travel ke negara maju, observe macam mana diorang cuba jadikan car lite city. twitter.com/nawawimohamad1/sta

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Removing parking minimums won't "punish" Malaysians but will instead allow developers to cater to those who want to live car-free/car-lite lives as well as boost housing near public transit

Our cities are saturated. With cars. We need fewer cars twitter.com/NAWAWIMOHAMAD1/sta

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@NAWAWIMOHAMAD1@twitter.com @slainthayer@twitter.com Alternatively, station a few areas as parking hubs instead. And implement a region where people are forbidden from parking ie strategic “city” boundaries.

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@NabilErsyad@twitter.com @weekasiongmp@twitter.com @MOTMalaysia@twitter.com @AskRapidKL@twitter.com MLPTF, MRFC and TransitMY Rolling Stock Spotting Update for MRT Kajang Line as of 26 September 2022. 101 and 123 may be next to go…but which ones will be back?

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Not 3 mins? Even 5? But 11? @AskRapidKL@twitter.com

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(1/2) @DBKL2u@twitter.com @MOTMalaysia@twitter.com @APADchannel@twitter.com @MPSelayang@twitter.com @MPKajang@twitter.com @mp_ampangjaya@twitter.com Sukacita bahawa SUKE telah menyuraikan sesetengah trafik. Namun begitu, adakah pihak yang terlibat dapat bekerjasama merancang kesesuaian laluan BRT bagi menambahbaikkan perkhidmatan pengangkutan awam? twitter.com/annazrulan/status/

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(1/2) @DBKL2u@twitter.com @MOTMalaysia@twitter.com @APADchannel@twitter.com @MPSelayang@twitter.com @MPKajang@twitter.com @mp_ampangjaya@twitter.com While the good news is that there is a relieve of traffic, maybe it is time for a feasibility study of a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) corridor along MRR2 thanks to the help of SUKE? twitter.com/annazrulan/status/

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@HafidzMohsin@twitter.com @weekasiongmp@twitter.com @MOTMalaysia@twitter.com @AskRapidKL@twitter.com I think 10 minutes is a good rule of thumb. But it’s mostly applicable for buses commuter rail. The MRT is a metro and relies on many interchanges. 10 minutes is not good enough.

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@transitmy@twitter.com @slainthayer@twitter.com @NabilErsyad@twitter.com @mashie154@twitter.com @weekasiongmp@twitter.com @MOTMalaysia@twitter.com @AskRapidKL@twitter.com You may find that they do not make all components. Certainly have read that brake systems have few specialist manufacturers and they may use parts from China.
Greater transparency is needed.

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@mashie154@twitter.com @NabilErsyad@twitter.com @weekasiongmp@twitter.com @MOTMalaysia@twitter.com @AskRapidKL@twitter.com yes. RapidKL did barely any maintenance on their assets between Mac 2020 and Oct 2021. Why? Ask MOF and their die die need for Prasarana to be profitable.

The backlog in maintenance is still ongoing no thanks to supply chain issue exarcebated by China’s zero-Covid.

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KL’s highest capacity and most expensive metro system so far, MRT Kajang only has 10 minutes frequency at 1pm on a Sunday.
Are we at war too @weekasiongmp@twitter.com @MOTMalaysia@twitter.com @AskRapidKL@twitter.com twitter.com/threestationsq/sta

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Hey you! Your feet don't belong on the seats.

The train is a public space. It's rude to put your dirt-covered shoes or feet where thousands of other people sit every day.

So, let us be mindful of other people and make it a more pleasant ride for everyone.

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@BNM_official@twitter.com terus mempertingkat usaha untuk membanteras scam. Semua institusi kewangan telah diarahkan mengambil langkah-langkah tambahan berikut untuk memperkukuh perlindungan terhadap financial scam 🕵️:

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@KCY3701@twitter.com Interesting insights into the history (and current predicament) of this development. Some themes emerge, common with many others in Malaysia:
- Lack of local bus connections with adequate frequency.

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