I did it, I painted all the rackmount gear white! This is more or less the finished result of my new streaming desk all wired up and functional! I even replaced the fans in the VideoHub so that it's much much quieter.

Thanks to the VideoHub, I can electronically rewire the desk, routing any video source like my computer monitor to any of the displays, and each input on the ATEM Mini is assignable to any video source. The back of this is still a bit of a mess, but my 3D printed converter rack did a decent job of cleaning things up a bit.

The Stream Deck is connected to a Raspberry Pi in the rack so that it's always on even without my computer there. It's rigged up to control the studio and ceiling lights as well as the heater.

#blackmagicdesign #atemmini #deskporn #homeautomation #streamdeck #raspberrypi #livestreaming #streamingrig #overkill

@aaronpk this is seriously awesome! Way to go on taking wire management to the next level.

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