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alright folks, here's the win95 style as a userscript (domain applied to only for now, sorry -- feel free to modify the userstyle to try it on your instance but YMMV)

i'm sure there's stuff i missed but it's at least 90% complete for the main app i think

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I’ve started complaining about linux on a regular basis now, almost as much as pork shitposts. almost.

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I don’t know what I hate more. Windows’ incapability to be a non-user-hostile OS… or Linux’s crippling lack of apps. Being a 2nd (or I guess 3rd if we’re counting macOS) class citizen is getting on my nerves :/

Does anyone know any good shows to watch?


Has anyone attempted to build a hackintosh? Got the hardware but need the software.

Any recommendations for a server OS? Thinking of just using ubuntu for compatibility and apt-get, but a lot of people seem to use centOS & Debian. (I also tried Debian, but the fact that there was no recent version of java was annoying.)

Spotify Community Forums:

+ there are 40K ideas
+ 339 were implemented

When calculated, looks like only ~0.8% of all feature requests were implemented.

Thanks for listening, Spotify!

(Note: I may be wrong on my math, but I’m not a mathematician. Used this:

Huh maybe I should install some other distro

Any recommendations? Preferably debian. I was attracted to elementary but the DE seems barely customizable

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I honestly CANNOT believe how fucked my Ubuntu install is after like, 6-8 months of use?? Node Sass is broken, npm is broken. I can’t believe I’m saying this but Windows is more stable. Like wtffff

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