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Add Progressive Web Apps to your Home screen in Firefox for Android

Shared from my Google feed

@Xibanya take it as a compliment, it may not be that regular :)

@NathanHawks_xyz wow my list is shorter/different:
+ don’t need virtual desktopies
+ terminal joy, yeah I’d miss that too
+ I don’t ever leave my PC on 24/7. Put that bad boy to sleep/hibernate.
+ Middle click to paste omg

@NathanHawks_xyz Steam + some other small popularity tools. Otherwise it’s basically Windows.

@iain I do too. Don’t care about the advertising/spying tbh, that’s not really my main concern

@cpsdqs @AVBodge i guess backwards compatability is enterprise’s main objective

@cpsdqs @AVBodge it’s kind of nice being able to do stuff you could 10-15 years ago

perhaps I would do it differently but it has its upsides

IE is just there it’s not even default anymore

@cpsdqs @AVBodge windows has a dark mode, it’s really not that conservative.

@AVBodge if you look at my profile you’ll see I caused a bunch of people to talk about how my distro sucks LOL

@jeffcliff I used OSF as an example. It’s not that I even want to be a programmer. I have no idea what I want to be at this point.

@jeffcliff No it’s pretty fucking depedent on where you’re from. You don’t see Russia or idk Crimea in the news like

“open source friday in school”

I think they do know there’s another option but just don’t care. In their defense (or yours?), I didn’t really care about programming either. I still view it as a hobby kind of thing, because I’m not amazing at it, but this at least gives me a better perspective of the world.

God I love this 500 char limit

@jeffcliff It’s not a literal village but it might as well be one.

It’d be a waste of time. I don’t think anyone in my town even uses Linux. High school kids are too busy with vidya games and I’ve heard folks audibly laugh at Linux and teachers suggest it’s only for programmers.

(Which is kinda true, but that’s not the point.) This country I’m in, in particular, only has a strong IT foundation in larger cities and I’m in one of the very much smaller ones.

@MightyPork just like the windows experience but with programs you can use! :P

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