@DatTux graphic, as in, NSFW?

like I guess ublock origin is the only thing you would need. for mobile, try Firefox & the extension

wtf? Why the doesnt Firefox check spelling by default? No one ever should *ever* have to download a dictionary for the broweser for spell checking to work OOB.

Its such an insanely stupid move on their part because its stuff like this which will chase people away from Firefox.

I cant even figure out how the hell to get spell checking working, stand alone my mom.

@theoutrider I want to cuddle your dog but I'm also scared of dogs...


hello mastodon

i’m back, with a vengeance to buy games on the steam autumn sale

hell yeeaaaaa

@lx it's the worst example you could've used because I'd strongly be against that but pretty much nothing else. freedom's great y'all

@lx if I were you, I'd go by the law I think respects human rights. and shame those who don't obey it

nacis are like whatever they're dumb i don't care but cp is just... no.

If you've read this, you are now under THE CURSE OF ERIS

You must make five quality shitposts in a row TO BREAK THIS SPELL

If you do not, nothing will happen, because this hex doesn't do anything.

@lx wtf do you like cp or some shit? that shit should be off the net, I don't care what you say

everything else I understand

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