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I took some feedback into account. and would you look at that!? Looks so much better already.

I can’t quite put my finger on why my artwork looks so goddamn terrible. What do y’all think?

i’m tired and burnt out a bit because I had to do some moving so I couldn’t finish everything today but these are all the artworks i’ve done for now. could change the borders, but the typography part is probably finalized (except for the best of/top playlists, which I wanna have a more creative design for).

Does anyone know how to get window controls onto the left and restore the minimize+expand buttons? Having to right click to minimize is annoying and jarring. Using GNOME on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

Upwork is not very kind to people who are self-conscious, ashamed of themselves, and/or privacy-minded.

time to grab a random guy’s face off of unsplash

I just spent maybe 6 hours working on a project that I wanted to start 2 months ago. I'm very proud of myself when it comes to the UI and UX of the whole thing. It's a progressive web app, trying to make it feel as much as an Android app as possible without ever touching Java. Broken on desktop which kinda sucks but it's supposed to be mobile only:

Toots tagged are great to steal and repost to /r/shittylifeprotips or even /r/shittyscience!

You can apply this concept to many other forms of social media. For example: 9gag, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

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