OK, so I know Windows isn’t perfect but I would expect Linux to be perfect (in part i’m sarcastic)

Why is the files app not opening?
Why are extensions turning on/off randomly?
Why do I get lag spikes that I didn’t have on Windows?
Why does shit go fullscreen / out of screen at random?
Why does YouTube.com/TV keep the monitor awake even if the device is locked? Just make my monitor go into sleep mode, don’t hold it hostage.

+ so many more

@mistermantas the difference is with GNU/Linux you can actually find a developer to fix each of these things(or if you are a dev, fix yourself). Windows you're SOL. Keep the list, document the faults as you find them. What distro?

@jeffcliff Find a developer? Uh, who, exactly? I’m not gonna bother to send in some bug report on an ancient forum. GitHub maybe, but that’ll get lost in the sea. Or the community just rejects it.

Ubuntu+GNOME 16.04 LTS

@mistermantas Who exactly? Do you have a local hackerspace? wiki.hackerspaces.org/

'ancient forum' 16.04 LTS means that bugs should be reported to launchpad.net using 'ubuntu-bug'.

There's a lot of open bugs on launchpad, including some I'm working on...but once you've reported each of these bugs, at least they can be triaged by ubuntu devs themselves & referred to by any dev you find.


> local hackerspace
in this fucking village? no 😂😂😂

> reporting to launchpad.net
Great, should be much easier than this though. Add a fuckin’ report a bug panel or some shit.

> ubuntu devs
btw this may not even be ubuntu’s fault but gnome’s. i’m too stupid to tell

@mistermantas (...if you do report some bugs, don't forget to toot them on mastadon. Seems like a reasonable place to put them, get others to see)

as far as your village goes, if you don't have a space and you got this far guess what: you're probably the best person to organize one. start looking for spaces / ISPs

@jeffcliff It’s not a literal village but it might as well be one.

It’d be a waste of time. I don’t think anyone in my town even uses Linux. High school kids are too busy with vidya games and I’ve heard folks audibly laugh at Linux and teachers suggest it’s only for programmers.

(Which is kinda true, but that’s not the point.) This country I’m in, in particular, only has a strong IT foundation in larger cities and I’m in one of the very much smaller ones.

@mistermantas 'only for programmers' in the 21st century, as software eats the world "programmers" is a pretty broad term.

They are busy with vidya games because they don't know there is an alternative that's possible. What you're experiencing is not limited to your country or area, trust me on that.


@jeffcliff No it’s pretty fucking depedent on where you’re from. You don’t see Russia or idk Crimea in the news like

“open source friday in school”

I think they do know there’s another option but just don’t care. In their defense (or yours?), I didn’t really care about programming either. I still view it as a hobby kind of thing, because I’m not amazing at it, but this at least gives me a better perspective of the world.

God I love this 500 char limit

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@mistermantas I'm not even sure where those 'open source friday in school' places are. they are exceedingly rare.
One thing that I picked up from #mindstorms is viewing programming as something you identify with, like 'i'm not amazing at it' is exactly how to fail it both as an individual and as part of a larger group. It's hard work for everyone, getting over the hurdle of acknowledging it gets you closer to being past the next hurdle which is putting in the work to be that good at it

@jeffcliff I used OSF as an example. It’s not that I even want to be a programmer. I have no idea what I want to be at this point.

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