OK, so I know Windows isn’t perfect but I would expect Linux to be perfect (in part i’m sarcastic)

Why is the files app not opening?
Why are extensions turning on/off randomly?
Why do I get lag spikes that I didn’t have on Windows?
Why does shit go fullscreen / out of screen at random?
Why does YouTube.com/TV keep the monitor awake even if the device is locked? Just make my monitor go into sleep mode, don’t hold it hostage.

+ so many more

@cpsdqs all i heard was ‘beginners should use ubuntu’

well i followed their advice and now i’m not very happy

@mistermantas Arch Linux + KDE Plasma; never had any problems that I didn't cause


@cpsdqs ok well i have to install that first

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@mistermantas I forgot the name but there's a tool that gives you a nice interface
but yeah the installation can be a daunting at first, but seems fairly simple to me in hindsight

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