wtf? Why the doesnt Firefox check spelling by default? No one ever should *ever* have to download a dictionary for the broweser for spell checking to work OOB.

Its such an insanely stupid move on their part because its stuff like this which will chase people away from Firefox.

I cant even figure out how the hell to get spell checking working, stand alone my mom.

hello mastodon

i’m back, with a vengeance to buy games on the steam autumn sale

hell yeeaaaaa

If you've read this, you are now under THE CURSE OF ERIS

You must make five quality shitposts in a row TO BREAK THIS SPELL

If you do not, nothing will happen, because this hex doesn't do anything.

@nolan itshappening.gif

Add Progressive Web Apps to your Home screen in Firefox for Android

Shared from my Google feed

OK, so I know Windows isn’t perfect but I would expect Linux to be perfect (in part i’m sarcastic)

Why is the files app not opening?
Why are extensions turning on/off randomly?
Why do I get lag spikes that I didn’t have on Windows?
Why does shit go fullscreen / out of screen at random?
Why does keep the monitor awake even if the device is locked? Just make my monitor go into sleep mode, don’t hold it hostage.

+ so many more

I think i might be going back to windows

i’ll have to add in middle click to paste and make a bunch of changes but i’m having way too many issues that I have no explanation for. like, why are title bars disappearing for no reason.

worst part of this endeavour is spending time to reinstall & getting a license

(does anyone have a free license btw)

What do you usually do or would you like to do on your birthday?

Collecting ideas :) birthday is is Nov though so there's a bit of time

also i’ve been sick for a while and apparently music healed my headaches. unbelievable lol

Probably the best thing about Linux is that I can paste with middle click. I didn’t know how much I needed this feature until I used a windows machine.

If only I didn’t get prompts to fix & update my broken/bad packages…

@mistermantas on, the calm terrier is listed as being gay so I went googling and found this:

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