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Google's business model:
- create cool free services
- tout your "don't be evil" motto
- draw in billions of users to your free stuff because there is no downside
- ensure your users are good and locked in by lettting them accumulate (1/3)

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The stingiest people I know will drop $500+ on health tech hardware like it's nothing.

Whoever creates the iPhone equivalent in this space will be a Trillionaire.

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in which I talk about the density of uranium

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Musk: I really want to go to Mars
Earth: Hold my beer

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If the education system was designed with the future in mind, health and personal finance would be the most important subjects to teach.

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Has anyone figured out the move with all your friends to a small city and live on the same street thing?

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nothing makes me happier than seeing a dog loving life

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Being too open-minded is very stressful. Anything could be true! Anyone could be right! At any time or place! It's too many possibilities. You have to be a little closed-minded to have any peace

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Stop using 6-digit iPhone passcodes! Do you think I am overly paranoid? Keep reading. 👇

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Josh Waitzkin might be the most INTERESTING person alive.

He doesn't have Twitter. And he barely uses the internet.

I've compiled my favorite 5 MENTAL MODELS of his below.


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🏡 Co-working homes: micro co-working spaces on every street, a decentralized WeWork that comes with all the amenities

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me: so nobody has been into the office in six months?

recruiter: correct

me: and the plan is to not change that for at least a year?

recruiter: indeed

me: but you're not hiring remotely?

recruiter: correct, local only

me: have a great day then

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Someone should create an institute that publishes postmortems on laws passed. I.e. 5 years in, here is what the legislators promised would happen, and here is what happened. And then ruthlessly call out lawmakers that passed laws with negative unintended consequences.

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Never forget that Sumner Redstone had an iPad that said Yes, No, and Fuck You cnbc.com/2020/08/12/sumner-red

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GPT-3 doing a pretty good job summarizing @BetaList startups into one sentence

( non-bold is generated )

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I like how this Amazon's own brand Beita (?) sneakers don't look all that similar to Adidas' high performance Alpha Edge 4d -- and also almost 10x cheaper ($19.99 vs $180)

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The ability to stay calm during conflict is a superpower.

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The best advice I've ever gotten about happiness:

Don't connect it to outcomes.

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