Advert on the train heading into London this morning...

I love working in coffee shops, and here are two sites that generate great sounds to help me be productive there. One plays grey noise, the other ambient music. Put them together and tune out your surroundings!

Popped over to Henley-on-Thames today. Clear and cold, and plenty of water in the river!

Service was a short relief from normal life; unfortunately mother-in-law is very unwell, in HDU at Addenbrooke's. Full of respect for .

Ended up playing in all three carol services in the end, one of the most enjoyable things I've done in months. Limited rehearsal time kept it fresh and exciting!

High point of the day: being retweeted by Scott Adams on Twitter. Low point: currently in A&E as my mother-in-law is really ill. Today is proving a real mixed bag πŸ˜‘

Those "Elves on the Shelves" are getting increasingly naughty...

Carol service practice. They take their music seriously at St Mary's Chesham

We have some very naughty elves in our kitchen...

Another photo from this evening's trip to Waddesdon

Decided to have a little go at making my Raspberry Pi "do stuff". Phase 1 - make an LED fade up and down - complete. Next step: use a MOSFET to do the same with much more power. My goal is to make a light alarm clock. It's been fun so far!

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Ooh, new PB for good fuel consumption on my 2013 Octavia. 6 miles, 94.4mpg

Google Lens turns out to be really very useful indeed...

Ugh, Android screen time today about 2 hours, and yet this - nearly 1hr20 of CPU time by "Android OS", and keeping the system on for nearly 5hr30. Any ideas what's causing this?

I don't usually share stories from the other place, but this one really did make me laugh, both the story itself and the comments

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