Parkrun is back at last. A relatively quiet start in Rickmansworth this morning, and my slowest one ever as I'm trying to be gentle on my Achilles. Still, good to be back.

Some really interesting background on spreadsheets, and the not-so-funny side of the UK contact tracing bungle last year

Ok this is a bit of good news! 😃 My Achilles is just about better now, just in time...

Had my second covid vaccine shot yesterday. I've been dosing with paracetamol as a precaution, but honestly I feel ... fine really. Definitely better than the first.

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People who have been professionally diagnosed with #EDS / #EhlersDanlosSyndrome, a #poll for you.

Have you ever dislocated a joint?

Does anybody know what this might translate to in English? It is part of a picture my wife was given. Re-toots welcome!

I think we might have solved the problem of the mysteriously appearing fruit in our garden. this morning *this* appeared, complete with ratty tooth marks. Looks like we have a neighbour leaving out for for composting that an unwanted visitor is spreading around...

Wow, this is seriously explosive stuff! I wasn't expecting this while glancing through my RSS feed over a cup of coffee...

"If it Hadn't Been for the Prompt Work of the Medics": FSB Officer Inadvertently Confesses Murder Plot to Navalny - bellingcat

I wonder what button I should press on this cookie consent dialog to not accept cookies?


@wlsn the previous two dropped food items have been a cherry tomato and ... a grapefruit! May be a different cause each time, but I'm thinking I'm going to need a webcam to find out more...

@luka need to stop listening to your excellent posts in - I've gotta work! 😂

Our mystery garden food depositor is back. Now some white toast has turned up near the back door. We don't buy white bread... 👿

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The online festival I organize is this saturday! @nff is taking part :) More information here: #electronicmusic #music

Found a good description of how to set about voice compression for eg radio, which I'm just leaving here...

After the heavy rain and wind last night, we were very lucky with the weather this morning for an outdoor yoga class

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trans, UK, GIC protest mural, discussion regarding suicide 

"A few friends and I painted a mural in Bristol to highlight the state of trans healthcare"

We need more of these.

For UK readers - if you haven't seen Ghosts on iPlayer, you are missing a treat! Season 2 is really cooking on gas, really funny.

Surreal conversation with my mum (no, I've got no idea what it was about either)

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