"... an averaged-sized power station could face charges of around £276m a day if it is unable to generate electricity."

Yikes, here's hoping we manage to avoid gas shortages this winter... 🧐


Portrait, direct eye contact 

Family outing for my son's birthday. This is probably the nicest picture I've ever seen of me and my wife...

Orchestra's back, and it's looking like a good programme!

@luka just chanced across your blog page lukaprincic.si/development-log while exploring how to visualise some audio. Nice, thank you for sharing it! 🙂

Thank goodness Google's most recent Pixel update fixed the battery life problem. My phone has been like a pocket heater for weeks, and finally it runs cool and long...

Picking up daughter and friend from the Reading Festival river bus

Ok, this is pretty weird. Transcription of an interview with a Google AI claiming to have sentience... :think_bread:


Wow, crazy month! Mostly good though.

Last proper rehearsal before Saturday's concert with the Misbourne Symphony Orchestra. Soloist sounding good!

Very pleased with the world première performance recording of Martin Romberg's Symphony of Saints, from a recent concert of my local orchestra the MSO. Check it and us out, we're always looking for new members!


My orchestra performed the première of Symphony of Saints by Martin Romberg last year. The composer recorded it, and it's just landed on Youtube. It came out really well!


I can't read the words "COVID 19" these days without hearing them in my head rocking out in the voice of this song...


"It is important to remember that the viciousness and wrongs of life stick out very plainly but that even at the worst times there is a great deal of goodness, kindness, and day-to-day decency that goes unnoticed and makes no headlines."

-- Isaac Asimov

Thought some folks here might find this interesting...

"Welcome to Song Encoder, a special series of The Changelog podcast featuring people who create at the intersection of software and music. This episode features Pwnie Award-winning songwriter Forrest Brazeal."


Just started listening to the audiobook of Hail Mary by Andy Weir (who wrote The Martian). I haven't enjoyed a book this much for a long time, and it has blockbuster movie written all over it!

Back to the beautiful Pipers Corner School for a yoga afternoon

I'm not normally much of a team sport lover, but I have to say that I haven't enjoyed a TV series as much as Ted Lasso for ... a very long time indeed. I'd really recommend it, for the mix of humour and warmth.

I've been tidying up email subscriptions recently (see recent toot on converting emails to RSS), and have been rediscovering some gems. Here's one I have kept finding really valuable: James Clear's weekly 3-2-1 newsletter. It is always short and insightful (as is his book). If you're interested, here it is!


There's now only one thing missing for this evening's Misbourne Symphony Orchestra concert!

If you find constant email pings frustrating, and prefer RSS feeds for keeping up with things than newsletters, here's a website you might love: kill-the-newsletter.com/

Basically it lets you subscribe to a newsletter using a special email address that turns up in your RSS feed instead of your inbox. It's free too. Love it!

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