We have now collectively gained 112,413 monthly active users in the last few days, and 149,720 compared to the end of March. That's a 62% increase. Total now at 384K MAU across Mastodon.

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Why is anybody signing up for Trump's Truth social network? (note: Truth translates to Pravda in Russian) It's number 1 in the apple app store right now. I guess if you are dumb enough to shell out extra for an iPhone, and then dumb enough to want an app to use a social network, then you are probably dumb enough to think Truth is a good idea, LOL


A github project I can't live without is Bypass Paywalls Clean. The old Bypass Paywalls stopped working for me about 6 months ago, so I use the clean one now. Available for firefox and chrome, and works on android, too.

I do pay for content when I can, but it's unreasonable to expect me to subscribe to everything on the internet, in order to be informed about world events. It's either use this plugin, or be stupid, and I'd rather not be stupid.


I'm exploring new stuff today on my Windows 10 PC. Power Tools by Microsoft is surprisingly good (I'm surprised Microsoft made this). Get it on github. I love the pinning and fancy zones features. This is going to change how I use my computer.


From an earlier, more civilized age, when t-files ruled the internet, this is the kind of content we used to love... bofh.bjash.com/

I"m back! It's been a while. I keep seeing mastadon come up in conversation, so I thought I'd check in for a bit.

I simply don't understand why the FOSTA and CLOUD acts aren't getting more media coverage. They change the fundamental principles the internet has been built on... safe harbor and due process. Cambridge Analytica is a tempest in a teapot. It's a stupid story. FOSTA and CLOUD actually matter, but nobody is covering it.

ICE Uses Facebook Data to Find and Track Immigrants, Internal Emails Show t.co/ZZkw9MlU3L

I just found out about this activated charcoal pill trend. This is really weird. I always learned this stuff was supposed to be taken after a nuclear blast or meltdown, like fukishima or something. I do kinda like the idea of post-apocalyptic fashion, I just hope Mad Max influences things more than red scare 'educational' films.


I made a helpful guide to help our new users understand the differences between different social networks.

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How do you pout the "SHOW MORE' button in a post?

Eye opening interview about facebook, with an ad tech guy. He explains that facebook's ad auction system pushes clickbait, in pursuit of 'engagement'. If everybody fully understood the ramifications of this, we wouldn't have so many problems with facebook. They're just another clickbait farm, doing all the sleazy things that sites like buzzfeed and gawker do. We shouldn't take them so seriously. Our ISPs violate our privacy more than sleazy advertisers do.


Good article about the decline effect. I keep running across more articles about reproducibility problems in recent years, in all kinds of fields. Psychology has always had that problem (because it's not science), but even computer science has these problems, especially in AI and machine learning. I blame publication bias, and I think it effects our understanding of things like the blockchain, and other exciting fads. Exciting fads make us stupid.


Hi! I'm new to Mastadon. It looks interesting. The interface reminds me of the old tweet deck app I used to use. Anyway, I'm into hiking, cyberpunk, and virtual world development. I have a degree in economics. I'm currently focused on learning C# for phone app and game development with Unity.


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