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I don't know how people can manage without a personal NAS and a password manager.

This last decade these have been among the most valuable tools i've set up for myself to avoid spilling your everywhere.

Don't lose data or access to your data on account of laziness !

You know what I just realised ?

If everyone ever gets their asses out of Gmail as I really really hope they do, most of my hard earned contacts in my contact books will all suddenly become obsolete and I will be entirely dependent on people getting back to me with their new addresses.

Doesn't change this old paradigm that already existed with physical addresses but it's a pity to see the digital world hasn't ended that yet.

Let's all thank gogole for the centralisation shall we?

“Google has begun testing their upcoming extension manifest V3 in the the latest Chrome Canary build … Unfortunately, this change will break popular ad blockers such as uBlock Origin.”




Friday again... Seems not so long ago the work week started.

Years ago when I was barely twenty something and time seemed to pass more slowly I had this conversation with a friend who was past his thirties and who told me that I'd see the years start passing by faster and faster as I grew older. 🤔

Well. He was spot on of course. 😶

But back to Friday ! That's awesome 🤗

You know you failed the design of your website when the user has to open the developer's tools > Responsive Design Mode to break down the resolution displaying your site just to get the font to a comfortable reading size on a classic 1080p display, no hi-DPI involved....


I know you have to build for mobile, but please don't forget people still use computers as well..

Everyone can help training @mozilla Common Voice!
Record your voice, help validate the recorded sentences...
Super easy and funny do do!
Open Source voice recognition software is important if we want to have open source assistants...
#AI #voice #opensource

An interesting read on Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI) and some thoughts on the ethical implications of these technologies.

~15min read :

Well finally ! I found a website *not* using googles crappy AI-empowering captcha to validate a form !!

Well done whichever french dev is behind the implementation of this :

I cannot recommend enough that everyone educates his/her-self as to what each website is loading by using addons such as µMatrix.

It's delirious how the web can seem broken when you have an app that by default authorizes exclusively 1rst party elements and *you* have to setup every other rule yourself.

At least you take the time to look at where things come from and *you* choose what you authorize or not to load in your browser

*Grumble* No I don't want to install your f'kin app to follow the status of the support ticket I opened more than 48 hours ago when I started not receiving the internet anymore on my box.

What is it with you guys ? Do you seriously believe we need AppStore/GPlay apps for everything?

An interesting read on What would happen if the entire Internet shutdown as viewed by different people.

I especially liked the view from Leonard Kleinrock down at the bottom. Both realistic, but with a major positive sidethought.

mplayer is a great tool for playing videos on an external monitors (typically videoprojectors) without displaying anything other than the video content.

A proper config file can automatically run videos in fullscreen and borderless, pushed properly to the side so it displays automatically on the external monitor and with an OSD level of 0.

Hey Mastoworld !

So last week I got tired of being overwhelmed by the stack of things to do at work (for abysmal wages too...) and for my lack of improvement in my personal projects.

So I came across this book by David Allen "Getting things done" that I had lying around and had read a few years back.

Decided to read & apply it again.

And it's empowered me back into control of all the "stuff" lying around everywhere.

Highly recommended !

This is an interesting read (~15min) on why freaking around about an AI-arm's-race between the US and China is an empty idea.

AI is not necessarily improved by simply throwing massive amounts of data at it, and improving AI research does not justify .

So Turkey has been banning Wikipedia for nearly two years now ??

Damn that is lame. 😶

Knowledge is a basic human right. Everywhere. For everyone.

Unban wikipedia now.

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