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I don't know how people can manage without a personal NAS and a password manager.

This last decade these have been among the most valuable tools i've set up for myself to avoid spilling your everywhere.

Don't lose data or access to your data on account of laziness !

Jenny i3 Revamp : Why I'm designing my own X-carriage Show more

Jenny i3 Revamp : Soldering pins on the RAMPS board Show more

Jenny i3 Revamp : Making up for lost time (2 weeks) Show more

Well ! I haven't tooted in a while now. A bit over two weeks if I'm not mistaken.

But I'm still here ! A week of vacation followed by an overladen week of work has kept me silent, but my projects (and particularly Jenny's revamp) haven't stopped. I just couldn't manage time to toot about it. I'll be preparing a series of toots to catch up what's happened these past two weeks.

Jenny i3 Revamp : Cabling the motors Show more

Jenny i3 Revamp : Making some custom length bolts Show more

Jenny i3 Revamp : Getting to know the MK8 Extruder Show more

Jenny i3 Revamp : Fully assembled Show more

Jenny i3 Revamp : Fully disassembled Show more

Jenny i3 Revamp : Workbench and Working Conditions... Show more

Jenny i3 Revamp : Further assembly (full bottom frame) Show more

Jenny i3 Revamp : Further i2 dissassembly (X carriage & Z rods) Show more

Jenny i3 Revamp : Early frame assembly Show more

Jenny i3 Revamp : Dissassembled Y Show more

Jenny i3 Revamp : Goodbye Jenny i2 Show more

Jenny i3 Revamp : Cutting the threaded rods Show more

Jenny i3 Revamp : The monster that cut the mainframe Show more

Jenny i3 Revamp : The mainframe Show more

That's all for today on Jenny's revamp, I'll be tooting some more tomorrow.

Here's a teaser : Friday, I got the mainframe, and it's awesome.

Evening folks !

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