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I don't know how people can manage without a personal NAS and a password manager.

This last decade these have been among the most valuable tools i've set up for myself to avoid spilling your everywhere.

Don't lose data or access to your data on account of laziness !

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I'm reposting this because I love what it says (and for other reasons below) : "If you can't fix it, you don't own it!" Show more

i changed my system locale from en_US to en_GB and now it's acting weird. please help

GLSL Exercise : Build a rainbow.

Took me some time to get the curves right. 🤔

This 8-line, 190 char long code is a beautiful example of why shader language is awesome.

Veda is an awesome package for users of atom IDE to run shaders in the background. It can be a bit tricky to setup but once you got it running you're golden.

Having fun learning Shader language..

Fiddling around with shaping functions while mixing colors is the kind of beginner exercises to try and get a basic understanding of what is actually going on behind your code.

It's full of surprises and frequently gives some interesting results !

Adblocking isn't unethical. Covering your website in trackers, spying on users, and compromising their security to make a buck is.

You have a limited amount of time in this world. You decide whether to spend it being “neutral” (legitimising trillion-dollar surveillance capitalists) or working with those of us trying to raise awareness about their abuses so we can actually regulate them and get funding for ethical alternatives that don’t rely on them. If you’re doing the former don’t you dare criticise those doing the latter. We’re not the ones punching down and we don’t owe you an explanation for doing the right thing.

@aral is pissed today, and he just wrote about why :

And rightly so, for that matter. What bitter irony. It's winter chill over the tech industry today, and the war on your digital self is battering hard.

In fact today, it's up to you and you alone to set up defenses.

Be smart.

Stop using Facebook.
Stop using Gmail.
Avoid Google as best you can.
Put up a tracker-blocker.
Grow an ethic.
At least you already gave up twitter for mastodon 😉

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This is Jeremiah. Jeremiah wore safety goggles while angle grinding. Jeremiah still has his right eye. Be like Jeremiah.


A 3D printed light projected animation. Proof that there's always new ways to animate everything. #3dprint #animation

I'm currently putting rust in the background and have spent this past week focusing on GLSL.

I've made some baby steps and my first impression is that it is... well... cryptically awesome. 😁

Don't forget that you all are writing new chapter in the internet history just by being on Fediverse. Its emergence is best thing that happened to the cyberspace in a loooong time IMO.

@charlag Howdy good sir ! Since you ask for an @ before a follow, here you go. I liked a toot you relayed and will now take the liberty of following you on the Fediverse. Good day sir ! 🙂

#Linux is a good privacy-conscious alternative to Microsoft Windows. It's free, fast and easy.

-Modern forms of Linux (such as Ubuntu or Linux Mint) are as easy to use as Windows or Mac. They're well supported, with popular apps like Spotify and Steam.

-If you're having trouble making an installation USB stick, you can order them online:

-You can buy PCs with Linux preinstalled from a wide range of shops:

#AlternativesAtoZ #DeleteMicrosoft

I've been watching the announcements coming out of CES, and I'm torn. I love the idea of smart homes, cars, and devices. The problem here is that Google and Amazon are dominating that market, and neither have any respect for personal privacy. I want projects like Mycroft to compete here, but they're not even a blip on the radar right now. Right now, it looks like winner of the battle between the two titans will control our information in the future. We don't get a say.

Open source / Linux space academy opens in Kenya!

African school uses open source tools, principles to prepare underserved students for future-focused careers.

The team set up offline computer labs in rural areas of Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda, using custom modified Edubuntu Linux distribution designed for use in areas where internet service is sparse or expensive.

#Linux #Edubuntu #Africa #Kenya #Nairobi #LinuxAfrica #OpenSource #FreeSoftware #Tanzania #Rwanda

From the Librem 5 (Purism) FAQ :

"The Librem 5 is a new approach to use a regular Linux system and adopt it to mobile use-cases instead of creating a completely new system. We do not create a walled garden, instead we tear down these walls, creating an open utopia."

Well, kudos to that. 👍

Been following this project for a few months now. I'm *this* close to pre-ordering... 😀

@365-rfcs Just finished reading the first blog post published 5 days ago and I like the project ! Interesting reads to look forward to in 2019

If you're interested people, have a look around at :

and/or just follow the Mastodon account linked to above.

Great work !

I've posted it a little early because I'm excited but here is my reading and analysis of RFC-1, the very first official Request for Comments document and an important piece of internet history.

I'm doing one of these a day for a year. You can follow along at @365-rfcs. I'll only be posting the really noteworthy ones on this account.

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