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I don't know how people can manage without a personal NAS and a password manager.

This last decade these have been among the most valuable tools i've set up for myself to avoid spilling your everywhere.

Don't lose data or access to your data on account of laziness !

The nice folks at wrote a great sum-up article on the 450 page report that the US House Committee just released on .

If you're in the fight for privacy and empowerment of your digital tools and digital self it's an interesting read.

The Guardian had GPT-3, an write an essay to convince the reader why not to fear AI and it's a very interesting (and short) read :

Mining firm apologises for destruction of 46,000-year-old Aboriginal caves

So sad to see this kind of action in such a modern Era. Is there really no limit to human greed (and stupidity for that matter...)?

This is a brilliant little town editor from an indie developer :

Hey @claudiom Cool thing, I just realized that you changing your instance does not unfollow me from your account. Nothing to do on my behalf, I'm still there.

If I'm not mistaken, you used to be on the same instance as me @xyz , why did you change if you don't mind my asking ?

Have you tried kdenlive ?

I've been following this program for nearly a decade now and it's become really great and operational. 👍

There is debate as to which is the best video editor between blender (3D suite) and kdenlive but I'd say the latter is way better if you have a large project and little need for 3D effects.

The demo video of Unreal Engine V is absolutely *GORGEOUS* 😲

I'm amazed by the quality of 3D rendering shown in this demo which is said to run live on a Playstation 5. Imagine what that will mean for PC gaming rigs in the coming decade.

The presentation video is well done too. Nice and clear. These 9 minutes are really worth your time folks.

This is an interesting (~12min) read on print vs digital media reading and it's impact on our brains development.

Gosh you really have to go into every nooks and corners in to de-activate every little spy toggle you can find.

I even created a new dummy GMail to access the Play store.

But the most frustrating thing I've found so far is that this beautiful and gorgeous piece of technology (that's sincere) DOES NOT NATIVELY INTEGRATE CalDAV and CardDAV..

For crying out loud the workarounds are such a pain, especially if you want to stay in the free zone. I'm this close to paying an app for sync.

I've been configuring this android since I got it. Unfortunately the P20 (not pro) does not have a supported Lineage OS and very few custom ROMs...

Too bad I didn't know that when I purchased it. Still, at a whooping 149€ it was a great deal and I'm glad I took it. The stock ROM is pretty awesome to, and would be just fine if not for a few MAJOR DRAWBACKS like the omnipresence of GOOGLE AND HUAWEI crawling all over my phone having grabs for my data 😂

So, about a year ago I pre-purchased a Librem 5 to support the project because I really found it important that ethics, security and user-empowerement be brought to the modern smartphone.

Problem is, the Librem 5 had at that time (June 2019) not entered production yet, and though it has now, the Covid-19 outbreak has impacted delays which are now stretching further towards 2021 for mass production.

Yesterday I snapped, I went to buy a second hand P20 android phone 😲

I got tired of every fking website asking me to parameter my and "opt-in" to tracking if I wanted too .

Every time it's like 2-10+ secs wasted opening internet menus just to say Fk off.

I ended up just selecting the * catch-all for cookies in µMatrix and disabling it.

It breaks even 1rst party cookies and I only have to 1-click enable it back when it's absolutely necessary for logging in.


You know what I just realised ?

If everyone ever gets their asses out of Gmail as I really really hope they do, most of my hard earned contacts in my contact books will all suddenly become obsolete and I will be entirely dependent on people getting back to me with their new addresses.

Doesn't change this old paradigm that already existed with physical addresses but it's a pity to see the digital world hasn't ended that yet.

Let's all thank gogole for the centralisation shall we?

“Google has begun testing their upcoming extension manifest V3 in the the latest Chrome Canary build … Unfortunately, this change will break popular ad blockers such as uBlock Origin.”




Friday again... Seems not so long ago the work week started.

Years ago when I was barely twenty something and time seemed to pass more slowly I had this conversation with a friend who was past his thirties and who told me that I'd see the years start passing by faster and faster as I grew older. 🤔

Well. He was spot on of course. 😶

But back to Friday ! That's awesome 🤗

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