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I don't know how people can manage without a personal NAS and a password manager.

This last decade these have been among the most valuable tools i've set up for myself to avoid spilling your everywhere.

Don't lose data or access to your data on account of laziness !

mplayer is a great tool for playing videos on an external monitors (typically videoprojectors) without displaying anything other than the video content.

A proper config file can automatically run videos in fullscreen and borderless, pushed properly to the side so it displays automatically on the external monitor and with an OSD level of 0.

Hey Mastoworld !

So last week I got tired of being overwhelmed by the stack of things to do at work (for abysmal wages too...) and for my lack of improvement in my personal projects.

So I came across this book by David Allen "Getting things done" that I had lying around and had read a few years back.

Decided to read & apply it again.

And it's empowered me back into control of all the "stuff" lying around everywhere.

Highly recommended !

This is an interesting read (~15min) on why freaking around about an AI-arm's-race between the US and China is an empty idea.

AI is not necessarily improved by simply throwing massive amounts of data at it, and improving AI research does not justify .

So Turkey has been banning Wikipedia for nearly two years now ??

Damn that is lame. 😶

Knowledge is a basic human right. Everywhere. For everyone.

Unban wikipedia now.

Calling it Rust was actually a very smart move and I figured out why.

Like all programming languages, it gets very rusty in your mind if you stop using it for a little while.

This one actually implements that trait in the name.

Like I said. Smart move.

This morning, I filled out a form to contact some french administrative service to which I owe money for income I declared end of 2018.

I've been using µMatrix to filter out third party-requests unless I check them out, and needless to hint google is everywhere and always blocked.

Well, just to validate that form I mentioned I had to check in google **just** to get the captcha. That's just lame. 😠

Can't we build an anti-bot captcha like system that's open and **not** google ?? 🤔

Hey MastoWorld !! I've been absent for some time (no posts in two months ! 😱 )
But i'm still here !

GitLab reports suspicious Git activity:

– one or more attackers seem to wipe Git repos, or hold them for ransom
– the attackers seemingly know credentials
– GitLab notifies affected users and investigates this at the moment

#gitlab #credentials #ransom #databreach #security #infosec #cybersecurity

Jenny i3 Revamp : Why I'm designing my own X-carriage 

Jenny i3 Revamp : Soldering pins on the RAMPS board 

Jenny i3 Revamp : Making up for lost time (2 weeks) 

Well ! I haven't tooted in a while now. A bit over two weeks if I'm not mistaken.

But I'm still here ! A week of vacation followed by an overladen week of work has kept me silent, but my projects (and particularly Jenny's revamp) haven't stopped. I just couldn't manage time to toot about it. I'll be preparing a series of toots to catch up what's happened these past two weeks.

Jenny i3 Revamp : Cabling the motors 

Jenny i3 Revamp : Making some custom length bolts 

Jenny i3 Revamp : Getting to know the MK8 Extruder 

Jenny i3 Revamp : Fully assembled 

Jenny i3 Revamp : Fully disassembled 

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