Finished Katana Zero and Celeste this last week. Beautiful pixelart 2D games are my weakness

@mgdelacroix Did you complete Celeste? I finished the main course but not the B-sides and all that, it's VERY hard! Katana Zero is on my backlog, is it as good as it seems in the trailer? (Yeah, I have a problem with pixelart too haha)

@mgdelacroix That sounds like something I could use to work with :)
I will check what to play when I finish with #Forager. If you like farming and crafting games... Im really addicted.

@fmartingr I'm really tempted, but the release on switch is yet TBD, so I'll have to wait a little more...

@fmartingr ooooh... it looks amazing! Which model is it? how long does the battery last?

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@mgdelacroix Is the PD WIN 2 with 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD, bought it last year. Battery last several hours (more than 6 for sure, but don't know specficts) and days on sleep (1w+). It depends a lot on what you run on it and the wattage config. I run it default and don't play very demanding things (I like 60fps glory) and can play for hours and leave it without charging for days. Is more uncomfortable than the switch though (and heavier!). But it runs Windows 10 :)

@fmartingr if I didn't have the Switch already... it is very tempting 😁

@mgdelacroix Yeah, it's an expensive whim, the only reason I bought it is because I sold/gifted all my other games and consoles (all but the switch) and got enough money to buy it. I expect them to release new, more ergonomic and cheaper models over time. Some other brands could enter the mix too, if they created this but with a switch form factor... ❤️

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