Finished Katana Zero and Celeste this last week. Beautiful pixelart 2D games are my weakness

@mgdelacroix Did you complete Celeste? I finished the main course but not the B-sides and all that, it's VERY hard! Katana Zero is on my backlog, is it as good as it seems in the trailer? (Yeah, I have a problem with pixelart too haha)

@fmartingr just finished the main course as well, I'm not a completionist so I'm fine not going through the B-side (but I'll try nonetheless 😬). As for Katana Zero, it is*very good*. I was surpirsed by how much it focused on the story (for good). If anything it is a little short, I want more! And the OST... if you like synthwave, it is a must!

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