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I love cannolis. They're something that I'm never going to make, and so I buy every different one that I see

For my money, in Southern Ontario, Fortinos makes the absolute best I've had. I've been all through Little Italy and they're really good but there's always something off. Some are too sweet, some are a little stale. Fortinos' cannoli is a gold standard

The Hacker News thread on rms leaving the FSF is depressing

Another article to flesh out the new site, this time on the challenges of emulating game cartridge PCBs from ROM image files alone:

Also, the datasheets section has been officially started:

It'll be a while before the latter is fleshed out, but I'm starting out with some very rare datasheets, so hopefully that helps ^^;

Signal boosting is optional, but of course appreciated ^-^; is doing incredible work to document and preserve across a wide array of hardware. If you're technically savvy, pick a game that's missing with a sound test mode to get your feet wet and start ripping!

Me every time I change a diaper: he's a good man, I can change him

Using Electorrent as a client talking to Transmission behind the nginx proxy to download all those Linux ISOs 😎

It made it! I've got it running 's LTS release and I've got it accessible via the amazing dynamic service duckdns!

Just set up nginx as a reverse proxy for my internal services, and throwing that behind

It excels at giving you the tools to get better at the game. You can replay any segment that you find yourself tripping over.

When you game over, that's it; back to start. The only real progress you can make is to git gud.

that Train and Five for Fighting are different bands 🀯

The adventures continue! Today I installed blackout shades for my son's room, a big step up from the cardboard boxes I had taped up for the last couple months 😁

My drill is apparently useless so I had to screw it in my hand. It worked out to something like 20 minutes per screw and I am rekt 😀

At least this gave me the confidence to do our bedroom next πŸ’ͺ

Is Mr. Lee in Adventure supposed to be a reference to Christopher Lee?

Life is like a TJ Maxx, you never know what you're gonna get.

Feeling really inspired by the quality of the experience of playing Taisei Project on . I'm going to see if I can't get devkitPro running to try and port the excellent Abbaye des Morts

I'm going to get back into writing articles, but this time with a more positive slant. So far, two older articles are available again at, though more will be added in the future.

And just like that Retronomicon Games has vanished into the ether. It was a fun ride!

Really amazing fan game that's playable in-browser:

The port is phenomenal. Touhou is such a great handheld experience

I grabbed an old HP Workstation off eBay for $150 to use as a home server. No more running off of my laptop .

Not sure which distribution to roll with, I've been out of the loop for 5 years :oh_no:

The landings are all flagstone that I'll need to reset as well 😀

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