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"Any of the auteurism Lemire displayed as a cartoonist in Essex County and Sweet Tooth, both of which built the reputation he now enjoys, has vanished or, perhaps, was never there in the first place."

I thoroughly enjoyed Essex County but I think I owe more of that to Ontario than Jeff Lemire. Nothing else that I've tried has ever clicked.

Some guy told me I look like Trudeau and my first thought was noooo we're not politically aliiiiigned

Second thought: ☺️

tip: you can open the URL under your cursor with `gx`

Finding your voice is really hard

I'm still looking

And lastly Russian Life has published a couple short stories in the anthology , "Red Star Tales"

Melville House Press has released "Dead Mountaineer's Inn" and "Definitely Maybe" as part of their classics series

I have found some modern translations of Boris and Arkady Strugatsky:

Chicago Review Press seems to be the most dedicated to the cause

My understanding is that many of the paperbacks that were localized in the 80s are based off German translations

It was pulpy, nbd right?

Starting with Stalker I was immediately hooked by the Strugatskys' transcendentalist science fiction

In the last decade I don't think any musical project has resonated with me as much as the many aliases of DJ Healer/Traumprinz/Prime Minister of Doom/Prince of Denmark

It's like techno/house's answer to Burial; pure pathos.

My toddler is scared of the new Roomba. He's nervously uttering "robot" even though it's been hidden.

Baby's first fear 😱 😭😅

The last boss in & Luigi: Superstar Saga remake is such a jarring spike in difficulty that I bumped down to easy mode just to get it over with.

I could grind, I could get gud, but why?

is criminally underrated. It was an easy punching bag because teenage girls watched it

It's Last Picture Show: The Series

Babo up and crying two hours earlier than usual 😫

I got in, found a huge 💩 in his diaper, changed him and did his nap routine and he went back down!!

Literally saved the day 🤓

being black is frustrating. navigating a world where im mostly invisible is frustrating. being told what i can and can't say bc of the color of my skin is frustrating.

stepping cautiously around pools of white tears is frustrating. gritting my teeth when people treat me like shit is frustrating.

doing all this in addition to dealing with everything else on my plate? frustrating.

so. navigating this frustration while remaining "civil" isnt really my priority, tbh.

I'd just watch on the if the ads weren't twice as loud given the fact that I only watch TV when the baby's sleeping 🙄

I want to get login-gated videos to download from the CBC via youtube-dl. I've at least been able to pass off a token pulled from my browser to get it to work so it's mostly a matter of automation and understanding the coding conventions of youtube-dl

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