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He's putting on voices and reciting bits of stories to himself

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He's happily chilling in his crib two hours after I put him down

But I also haven't seen anything beyond grassroots fundraising. No specific campaign or call to arms. Maybe they've got a handle on this.

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Perhaps naively, I assumed that The knew what it was doing with The National Emergency Library.

That they were expecting a lawsuit. Why wouldn't publishers sue? The publishing industry is twisted.

Maybe to assert new precedence and expand the interpretation of fair use?

But I'm getting the impression that they could simply be sued into oblivion.

'Keep the Volume Low:' Being Black On Campus In Canada 

Why does all children's television look like the CG cutscene from a 90s PC game?

Fireworks bum me out when I get to hear all the dogs in the neighbourhood freaking out.

I've been playing the original Shin Megami Tensei off and on since the fan translation was first released on my 12th birthday in 2002.

This time I've finally got the momentum and the understanding of the core mechanics to finish it!

Zio eats just about every enemy's turn. It's insanely OP compared to every other elemental spell and your heroine has it so it's always in your party!

Polish game, Książę i Tchórz aka The Prince and the Coward receives an English translation courtesy of

This has been an awesome week for fans. First, the WiiWare Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games and now the Wonderswan version of Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon!

Azusa 999, a seminal early game for has received a loving English translation 🤩

The Leopold keyboard I ordered is stuck in Florida 🙈

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