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End of day 2: Working my way across the bed by removing sod, turning it and placing it at the bottom of the previous trench. The soil beneath the sod is then dug up and used to fill up the rest of the old trench while forming a new trench next to the old. Each trench is about 2-3 dm wide.

Started this years vacation by making a vegetable plot at the new house, this is day one. Average sized person for scale ;-)

If cassette tapes are too modern for you, there's another course available for slide projectors (reversal film). It goes through all the essentials in an easy to grasp 40-slide presentation.Some course high-lights: "Disc memory", "Power supply", "Chess", "Modem", "Graphics on the computer screen" and my personal favorite: "Office landscape".

Or how about this audiovisual 12-step computer science class on cassette tape. All safely stored in a plastic case with a politically correct cover image.

Went through the prestigious work of clearing out old teaching aids which have been piling up in the science building. It's a pure gold mine, check out this geometry set.

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#2178 "Expiration Date High Score" 

I was reading up on the process of making masa dough from my homegrown maize, when I came across the pages on food preservation at "the spruce eats":
A recommended read for anyone interested in the art of food preservation!

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#2175 "Flag Interpretation" 

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This feral tomato plant was growing out of a crack in the pavement next to the driveway of a grocery store. I imagine someone must have dropped a tomato with viable seeds on the way out and it took hold.


Have been without an ISP for about a month now. Got my fancy new DSL up and running yesterday, enjoying 1/100th of bandwidth compared to that at my old house. :-)

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#2161 "An Apple a Day" 

Kudos to those 1000 cadets who managed to distract the US president for two full hours. If we all help out, it wouldn't take much of each of our time to keep him busy until next election.

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Note to future self: pole sliding from the moon might be a bad idea ( )

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Purism will allow bigoted content on their servers 

A public transportation app which has seemingly low self esteem (?)

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So it turns out you can put custom boot images on Lenovo laptops

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We have some exciting news! The team at Purism are thrilled to announce the launch of Librem One Private and secure email, chat, social and VPN. #LibremOne

Our Primary account is now

Third booster landed, awesome! Too bad live feed was lost.

SpaceX just successfully relanded two booster rockets at Cape Caneveral, central booster about to land 8-O

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