Before you ask:
Yes, I did manage to figure it out *before* picking up my phone.

Last weekend: made 10 kg of apple sauce.
This weekend: 50 apples worth of apple pie.

To all northern hemisphere temperate zone out there:
Happy mulching month!

Let's cover up those beds and get ready for winter :-)

Gastropod sex 

Went slug hunting in the rain and found this couple doing the "stringy-slimy".

Harvested some garlic today, so I'm now ba successful garlic grower!
To celebrate, I made tomato & broccoli baguettes with whole baked garlic bulbs on the side. (I thought I took a picture of the fresh garlic, but my phone had other plans, so here are some finished meal photos instead)

I'm assuming this is why you're supposed to waterproof the surface under your fridge...

Installed my trusty old "h2OhNo!" (rip off) under the kitchen sink.

My kid's modeling clay died up and formed salt crystals!

One of the two lovage plants I sowed last spring has survived winter and is starting to grow again!

Built a frame for sieving soil and compost. It's basically a track on which a commonly sized produce box can slide back and forth. In the pictures it's placed between two benches, but I'll probably clamp it on to a pair of saw bucks when it's time to use it.

Not a lot of clearance, but the new sauna fits. πŸ‘

Chronic physics teacher syndrome, symptons include:
* Compulsive urge to take pictures everytime you use a lever
* Constantly feel the need to explain to others about that one time when your knowledge of physics made your life a bit easier

My custom made kitchen sink arrived last week. The hole for the tap was the wrong size so I complained a bit. After a phone call yesterday, they sent me this stuff 😁

They wanted me to send the whole sink back so that they could make the hole a few mm bigger. I didn't like that idea, so I asked them to send me the tool they'd use and some extras accessories.

They got away cheap, and I can get my kitchen finished earlier.

Sunflower shoots, one week old. I haven't decided yet if I should start another batch this weekend - they grow fast.

I see plants! The arugula, garden cress ( & beetroots) I sowed on Saturday is already on it's way. Will eat as leafy greens. Still waiting for the peppers πŸ˜ƒ

Sowed the first seeds for 2021 today. My 4yo was very interested and stayed with me for an hour as we filled pots with soil, watered and sprinkled various seeds.

We sowed some seeds for leafy greens which we will munch on before spring, and before we need the rest of the space for other seedlings.

This year I moved the grow lights from the boiler room to the garage were it's a bit cooler. Should be better for the seedlings. But I did buy a heating pad to help with germination.

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