With the start of the autumn semester drawing near, I'm pretty curious about our science which have been renovated over summer. I ran through several proposals with the rest of the staff before summer but all my suggestions were ruled out for various reasons.

Some issues with the new science which worry me:

We can't integrate power outlets in the new tables, because the landlords refuse to run cables through their fancy new floor.

Cables hanging from the ceiling are fine but a winch system to get them out of the way is not.

I hope I was clear enough when explaining for the orderer power is required for lab equipment and not just laptops, therefore outlets can not be placed at ceiling height.

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Further science rant...

I requested fixed lab tables for safety reasons, but that is out of the question since it involves drilling through the fancy new floor.

Smaller table groups with more spacing (so that the teacher can easily move around and actually reach all pupils during class) won't work unless tables are screwed to the floor. (The landlords won't object about small tables but I don't think the school would approve of all the broken equipment from bumped/toppled tables)

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