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What are Features - aka Feature Variants - in @gradle@twitter.com Java projects and how are they empowered by variant-aware dependency management? I explore this in my latest entry: youtube.com/watch?v=XCzyUESaBH

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I can't empathize enough how fantastic 's dependency management engine is. Via dependency declarations I can trigger the startup of a shared service. For the curious: github.com/micronaut-projects/

Defines a dep which has the side effect of starting a server when resolved.

Awesome work!

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New release: 'java-module-dependencies' Gradle Plugin to use dependencies from 'module-info.java' files so you no longer need to define them in build.gradle(.kts) files in addition. github.com/jjohannes/java-modu

In detail 🧵👇

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Use the tooling API directly with in order to get the list of the absolute path of the project directory of each modules.

Way more robust than parsing the `settings.gradle` file manually or trying to traverse all the directories…


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