(et je suis très fier de ce meme qui n'a pas eu le succès qu'il mérite à mon goût 🤣😂)

"Benalla à l'Élysée" saison 1 épisode 17. "House of cards" c'est du pipi de chat en comparaison.
EXCLUSIF. #Benalla a acheté une arme une semaine avant le selfie t.co/U6bw0S6KW1

@medecinelibre @Gargron My feeling is that the amazing ecosystem of apps integrated with platforms can only survive sustainable if we move to federated platforms where no one entity has too many users to keep track of. The big centralised networks will still have their place, and we can carry on using them alongside platforms like Mastodon, but I think there are some things that may just be to difficult to do on a big centralised system.

@medecinelibre @Gargron To be honest, I think the time that big centralised services can sustainable provide a platform for their users to build other services on top of is probably over. When you have millions and millions of users maintaining proper oversight of privacy when third parties have access to your platform is always going to be tricky, and I think with all the recent scandals and regulations the big companies are going to run scared and close their networks to third party apps.

"Votre compte Google+ personnel cessera de fonctionner le 2 avril 2019" Enfin une bonne nouvelle! Merci Google!

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«La police bloquait les gilets jaunes, nous, syndicalistes, pouvions circuler librement.»

#greve5fevrier, Lyon, à hauteur de la préfecture sur le quai Augagneur.

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Upcoming! a network of Free / Libre / Open Source businesses powered by 1 to 9 people.

The Fifth Amendment says police can't force you to testify against yourself. They shouldn't be allowed to force you to give up a password, either. eff.org/deeplinks/2019/02/high

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Tentative de perquisition du parquet de Paris contre @Mediapart@twitter.com visant leurs révélations dans l’affaire Benalla. @edwyplenel@twitter.com @fabricearfi@twitter.com

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#AffaireBenallaMacron #AffaireBenalla #Benallagate #Coffre

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Why hackers hack at night. (The New Hacker's Dictionary, compiled by Eric S. Raymond). Happy hacking!

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