Is it that Scorpio always expects everyone around them to know unwritten rules, or that Pisces always assumes that someone reacting to them is teaching them a rule?

stages of literature review:

1. I am a brilliant genius whose originality is beyond compare
2. [searches google scholar]
3. oh no
4. oh god no
5. like fifty people have done this exact thing
6. [actually reads some of the papers]
7. wait these are all related but not exactly the same thing
8. also some of them are not very good
9. oh this one is actually really helpful!
10. I am a brilliant, gracious genius whose originality is beyond compare

I do not want to hear about how ugly you think a billionaire is.
I hate billionaires too, but I’m never going to wanna hear that someone we both hate is ugly. Never.

The ‘beauty is good, ugly is bad’ thing is always always absolutely terrible.

It feeds the idea that our self-worth is connected to what we look like and no amount of ‘body positivity’ is worth shit if we continue to pull this crap just because we wanna joke about someone we hate.

The poetess compares an unreachable apple to some other item: probably a bride.
One cannot miss sweetbitter irony that the source poem itself is lost, unknown.
It is fair to argue against fetishizing the fragmentariness of Sappho's corpus.
A poet who survives only from her quotations in other works: as lost as can be
This is why 105a is the perfect Sappho fragment: on the unreachable remembered
We can glimpse the redness of the fruit, but we will never taste its sweetness

NaNoLiPo Day 1:

Sappho 105a, without that 5th glyph:

As a crisp fruit grows a blush on its skin on a high branch —
(a jonagold or a cripps pink, a gala or a fuji)
high up, its blush shows its syrupy maturation —
but high on that high branch, all farmhands
(or possibly autumnal-Saturday tourists) forgot it.
Actually: it’s not that anybody could miss its sugary blush.
But nobody could climb so high as to grasp it

📖 Morning Briefing 📖 

My favorite idea that I’ve heard come out of my mouth during so far: “language is a complex symbolic system that has been developed by humanity for hundreds of thousands of years. Computation is a very crude symbolic system that humans have been trying to write in the sand for a few decades. Computational linguistics is an attempt to use a very coarse symbolic system to analyze a very refined one.”

I was also brought to tears (literally, I sniffled in the locker room) by the moving banner that the British Library have put up in the foyer.

Broke: anxiety about things I can control

Woke: anxiety about things well outside my control

Bespoke: anxiety about ??? idk its just there

“Do you know what a cow does when he go to school?
Poop all over!
The poop’s going to smell like bubblegum”

Why can’t I find any pho places called Pho You Up

4-year old niephling tells me that kangaroos only have one foot.

Ten-year-old nibling has substantial environmental anxiety

There is one that is stored inside a Cure album that was playing when the memory happened. That one’s a nice memory!

Like, this very short bob thing e did in the eighties, kind of like a Bajoran/Ensign Ro bob, just a bit shorter, with that widows peak.

Working through some complex feelings about the Richard E Grant haircut tbh.

I didn’t realize this band was at the “whole audience sings along while the band tacet” level now!

There are memories I have buried in the core of the furnace which my heart is

Last year I drove across the country and I was listening to a call-in interview show about books on a public radio station in Missouri or Kansas or something. They were talking about a 19th-century English author, and somebody called in and said this reminded them of Chaucer and then they started reciting the prologue to the Canterbury Tales, they got as far as "That hem hath holpen whan that they were seeke." without being stopped.

That's the kind of energy I'm always afraid of exhibiting.

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