More than half of my internet browsing is done through Wayback Machine nowadays and it makes me very sad that all these websites are gone.

@neauoire more than half ?? how do you know what you are looking for is over there ?

@maxime_andre whenever I hit a 404, I go check on wayback. Whenever I can, I make local copies of these sites. For example, this morning I've rescued Brent Kerby's notes on combinatory logic which disappeared from the web in 2004

@neauoire oh yes it reminds me this mirror of joy language website There are some dead links, i don't know why i never thought to use wayback machine...

@neauoire btw, i found this in an obscure zip file, might interest you (queue machine instead of stack machine)
(found here :

@maxime_andre Oh wow, very timely finding, that's just what I was looking for

@maxime_andre trying to make a little uxn emulator that runs on combinators

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