Aunt: So, what's "http"?
Me: It stands for hypertext transport protocol, it's the communication protocol websites use to travel, it's in the layer... trust me, it's EXTREMELY BORING.
Aunt: 😴

serious questione, which one teleports my character to the fastboot planet,
adb reboot bootloader
adb reboot recovery?
send gamer help

what about
"subscribe and
fingerblast the like button"?

We're gonna need a more middle-sized boat

if Python is so great how come there's no python 2?

Introducing Mastodon 2.0:
A narrative driven roguelike dungeon crawler in which you battle your way out of the underworld of Greek myth.

Also check out that magnificent cooling solution I made

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What's this "The nineties" I keep reading about?

Had to install windows to work on a visual studio project and check this out

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Tried to take 2 shortcuts and walked trice as much, hire me as your navigator today!

Tired of the same old real thing?
Try Microsoft Fakes today!

If I ever see azure devops face to face in the streets I'll kick its ass

*Extreme Senfield voice*
So what's the deal with logarithms?

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