so glad i don't run an instance rn holy shit

sometimes the language learning app HelloTalk drops a few moments of realness

i overheard my parents watching Happy Gilmore with my nephew, and this scene with Carl Weathers playing The Carpenters' We've Only Just Begun almost made me wept:

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More Daria fanart! I'd love to draw a Daria comic. Like, a licensed one. IT'S A DREAM.

work gave me a list of things to get done and i have no idea how to actually do it 🙃

dream, bear encounter 

anyway, da meaning as i interpret it:

"friends come and go but with a precious few you should hold on"

been wanting to go big bear or mountain lakes (in cali) though i usually hate camping. also the santa monica pier.

places where i'd normally go as a child but haven't been in 20 odd years.

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dream, bear encounter 

for some reason, my dream started with a news report (i watch AP clips every day). it was an old video from 20-30 years of a man encountering a bear and her cub on a front lawn at the home i grew up in. it lasted a while but the guy did *exactly* what you do in a bear encounter.

report ends, now present day. dude tells me to get in car. drive down to see the cub as a full grown bear. we watch then drive off.

such a calm and tad surreal dream. usually scared of bears!

no matter how tired i am if my dog chases me down to my room for head pats then he will get his head pats.

dems the rules.

before i passed out it seems i was listening to the sonic & knuckles soundtrack.

not really seeing the improvements nor benefits to Google Chrome 69 other than the 69 part

which is fine i guess

I’m not sure when and for how long but I just noticed two holes in my favorite pair of jeans.
No one told me about it so I’m assuming people liked it when they saw my ass hanging out.

felt justified in mentioning hentai (変態) to my JPN tutor since she mentioned last lesson about a virtual youtuber who matched the description of big 'ol tiddy character.

it wasn't even the right description since kizuna ai isn't isn't blonde.

I should just cancel my tutoring sessions.

If I don't show up to class drunk, I miss it entirely because I'm passed out. Plus, I'm not really learning anything except how shitty of a human being I am.

Don LaFontaine: In a world where you are alone with a little catdog...

watching my old af parents talking with my high af nephew is like watching two different species communicating with each other by grunting louder and louder without making eye contact

soy sauce on anything is my comfort food

work, old man, kinda gross? 

a gentleman came to work and I tried to help him find boxers (underpants, not fighters!).

we chatted and he told me he worked at disneyland and how he owned a military plane for a while.

we shook hands and while he was leaving he whispered into my ear, "i hope don't fart in these!"

me: "... sound advice! take care!"

what else could i say

one of the managers at work today bitched at the team lead that he "misdirected" what I was supposed to do today - despite not telling him earlier before I came in.

they also started having another employee do sales, phone plan sign-ups, register, stocking, and price check - on top of helping clients, all expected to be done in a few hours.

why the fuck does america "celebrate" labor day again???

in about 2 hours I’ll know if I drank enough whiskey before work or not enough

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