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Teaser for an upcoming blog post. Yes, I’m swapping out the screen on my 51nb X210. (For the same 1440x900 display model, but one without dead pixels and backlight blemishes.)

My 3D printer needs so many upgrades that I can print. Very tool-that-improves-itself.

Is there an open hardware NAS? (Doesn’t even have to be commercial if it’s something you can piece together yourself, I’m just concerned about the drive backplane.) Thinking more Synology/Drobo size or like the now-discontinued Kobo Helios64 in size than a full server tower or rackmount. Doesn’t have to be an ARM CPU but that’s probably a plus.

My copy of the Pretty Good House book finally got here after I’d pre-ordered it, and I’m excited to read it! They’re very pragmatic about creating energy efficient, low-carbon houses that will last, using things like heat pumps and thick cellulose insulation. They also have a site up covering their ideas at

I know I've gushed about it here before, maybe multiple times even. But DAMN I really love Low Tech Magazine. I want more of this type of stuff. Rad old, obscure and clever technology and ideas many of which could still be relevant today. If you know of any other websites or other mediums in the same vein I'd love to hear about it.

Meanwhile, I think I'll order the print version of Low Tech Magazine to support them.

Amazon has all the servers it could want, but my Goodreads is absurdly slow to load things like my current books and shelves.

Are there any ActivityPub versions of Goodreads like tools that I can import my Goodreads data to, and ideally, that I can self-host?

Finished stuff today.
☑ This
☑ That
☑ The other thing
☐ And a thing I ran out of energy and focus for.

Ok, just setup an RSS reader account as a beginner and created some folders and learned how to add/delete feeds

Please Tell Me your favorite blogs/feeds that you follow (boosts appreciated)

My main interests are news/politics/history, books (sci fi and much more), photography, film, art, sewing, cooking/recipes, random eccentricities/ hobbyists, social commentators, and in general interesting people/places/concepts/writing

Used 3D printer to print a case for a Raspberry Pi 4, stuck yunohost and miniflux on the Rasp Pi. Gotta figure out dyndns yet.

Having a working 3D printer again is exciting. But I didn’t think far enough ahead to also order more filament — so I’ll be back to printing once that arrives.

Thanks for the links, everyone! If you’ve got a personal blog feel free to add it here. Slowly getting back into the habit of using a feed reader and curating what I read.

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I should’ve given some ideas of what I’m looking for feeds for, so here goes: tech folks’ personal blogs, creating programming languages, learning programming languages, writing Forth or Lisp or similar, retro-computing, low tech solutions to sustainability.

Thanks in advance!

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Now that I’ve seen the thread about what RSS feed readers people are using, what feeds are you following these days? I’ll take all recommendations.

And honestly I’d like to avoid talking about anything work-related when I’m not working. 😬

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A lot of the older content concerns Clojure, but I don’t work with Clojure at work anymore. Most of my “real work” is in architecting Rails monolith stuff, and my outside-of-work interests right now are little Schemes and Lisps, lower-level stuff (taking nand2tetris courses and playing with assembly), and old Linux hardware and Linux on laptops. (Though I’m far from a retrocomputing expert.) I’m interested in, but not doing anything related to, sustainability, solar, and “low tech” solutions.

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Inspiration to write a blog post for my personal blog doesn’t strike very often. (And writing the housekeeping posts where I cover what I changed on the blog are easiest but probably the least interesting.)

So for those of you that have read my blog, or want to go skim it now, what’s the most interesting stuff I could be writing about?

I need a reader mode with dark mode for academic papers that are PDFs.

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