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And honestly I’d like to avoid talking about anything work-related when I’m not working. 😬

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A lot of the older content concerns Clojure, but I don’t work with Clojure at work anymore. Most of my “real work” is in architecting Rails monolith stuff, and my outside-of-work interests right now are little Schemes and Lisps, lower-level stuff (taking nand2tetris courses and playing with assembly), and old Linux hardware and Linux on laptops. (Though I’m far from a retrocomputing expert.) I’m interested in, but not doing anything related to, sustainability, solar, and “low tech” solutions.

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Inspiration to write a blog post for my personal blog doesn’t strike very often. (And writing the housekeeping posts where I cover what I changed on the blog are easiest but probably the least interesting.)

So for those of you that have read my blog, or want to go skim it now, what’s the most interesting stuff I could be writing about?

I need a reader mode with dark mode for academic papers that are PDFs.

Nice cool day, just a bit damp from a lot of rain. Might as well go for a long hike in the woods.

Looking at my bookshelf because of the other thread and unhappy with the ordering. I also have like 8 boxes of books not on the shelf. May need to figure out an ideal shelving strategy.

I was curious, so I looked up the relative Geekbench 5 scores of the Raspberry Pi 4 processor to the AMD Sempron 145. On single core scorers they’re about the same. But power consumption is a big difference: the Sempron 145 has a 45 watt TDP for just the processor, while the entire RPi4 SBC uses around 6.5 watts and maybe can pull 15 watts with USB accessories.

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Logged in to Newegg for the first time in a long time, and there’s ancient wishlists of PCs I wanted to build in there. The oldest are a desktop for gaming/programming with a Core 2 Duo and a BFG Tech GeForce 8600 GT, and a few variations on an AMD Sempron 140/145 server that I eventually did build and used as a space heater.

Using my “learning day” time at work to figure out how to use Prolog to solve a scheduling problem.

The future is here, it’s just scattered across a bunch of different academic and pirate servers as PDFs, with a few malware sites masquerading as legitimate sources of future as well.

“Wendell Berry’s formula for a good life and a good community is simple and pleasingly unoriginal. Slow down. Pay attention. Do good work. Love your neighbours. Love your place. Stay in your place. Settle for less, enjoy it more.” - from the introduction to The World-Ending Fire: The Essential Wendell Berry.

The answer was no. But that's OK. The x210 wouldn't even boot the Windows 8 install USB drive.

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Let's see if I can use an old Windows 8 install/recovery USB image to boot my 51nb X210 (modded, so technically not a Lenovo motherboard) to try and run some old Lenovo software that can reset battery firmware. Seems like a stretch, but worth trying.

I might try out this weekend. Disaster Radio and Meshtastic tried to make it easier for folks to communicate over cheap LoRa boards. NomadNet allows for a more secure mesh across more than just LoRa.

Honestly, it’d be neat if there was a firmware that could forward on all types of messages. Right now they’re mostly incompatible I think, and I doubt there’s enough nodes for a stable mesh. Forwarding all would be good LoRa citizenry and get closer to usefulness sooner.

"Off-grid, resilient mesh communication with strong encryption, forward secrecy and extreme privacy."

We’re currently broadcasting Bashō poems via #Meshtastic every few minutes from the shop, if anyone nearby has a #LoRa device set up. Here’s the channel URL:

Taking a nap is “productive” too, when you need it.

My home office is slowly becoming Lane's bedroom. Which has happened before.

Writing Scheme lately. While “the right way” to do even simple things like addition might be recursion (at least in SICP and The Little Schemer and other places), the truth is using built in functions is often easier and much, much faster. Still not sure if there’s some deep wisdom there, other than to use what is “baked in” but build what’s interesting to you for the task at hand.

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