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Set up the Meshtastic TBeam in a south-facing window with a little USB solar panel, but that is not enough power. I need to find an 18650 battery for it so that it can charge up during the sunny part of the day. If you’re in the Milwaukee area and running , reach out. Would be curious if we can get a little mesh going.

My own garden progress. Indoor lettuce, kale, and herbs on the right. Starting tomatoes and peppers on the left, which will eventually be transplanted outside. Lights on a simple timer, everything fits into a kitchen rack and house plants go on top and get some indirect light through south-facing windows.

Wake up, cup of coffee, think about how to make energy efficient homes happen.

Continuing my thread and thought process: yes, there are some places online to discuss topics like solar and energy-efficient homes. Less for people that want to live more sustainably than builders of energy efficient homes, but that’s ok. I’m more interested at this point in offline communities. I’ve looked a bit into ecovillages but they have their own problems — often the consensus-based decision making and different opinions don’t scale when life savings are on the line. From what I’ve seen.

Show thread — with apologies for a link to Fast Co article. We should start with seizing physical “investment vehicles” of the wealthy, because they have outsized impact on carbon emissions. And we should be splitting a land tax from the buildings (improvements) upon it, so that parking lots/garages are no longer profitable. We need social housing, not luxury condos, to make cities make more sense for more families.

If I am to stay in a more urban setting though, I’d want it to be shaped more like this architect imagines — developed by groups of owners rather than for-profit corporations (“baugruppen” in Europe), affordable, walkable, bikeable, with grocery stores, cafes, libraries, and parks within walking distance. A community to be a part of rather than apart from.

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There’s a common thread in tech that once you make enough money, maybe you’ll “buy a farm” and live out there with more connection to nature. I’ve often thought about this myself — I grew up in the woods and would love to be surrounded by walking paths and trees instead of sidewalks and cars. But the thing that’s missing in a rural setting is community and the intellectual stimulation of culture. Bookshops and even libraries are mostly gone, and there’s no “third spaces” in rural areas to go to.

So many replies that I’m following up here. On the prefab front: it seems like an ideal, low-waste way to build, but isn’t more popular. And in the US, “prefab” is associated more with manufactured homes built on a highway trailer — cheap/poorly built. It is miles from tinkering with a 3D printer, but I wonder what it’d take to build some of the automation that can cut wood to size. It’s likely way more expensive to start a “house factory” than to build a house.

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Instead, I’ll likely build a climate-battery passive solar greenhouse that will look a lot like a little Earthship, but will be concerned with growing food in the winter.

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And yeah, I’ve looked into Earthships, but I don’t want to live in the desert and given I just spent a bunch on a radon mitigation system, I don’t want to build one. Partially underground is neat, but it’d need radon mitigation from the start.

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Wishing there was a better place to discuss building (and how to make a lifestyle around) energy- efficient (superinsulated, passive solar) homes. Can’t find my people, builders don’t care, and there’s no real place to go.

@requiem assuming I don’t find someone local that wants it for parts, and the motors + controllers are still good but the chassis design just sucks, any ideas for what I could rebuild this Monoprice Maker Ultimate (v1, not the later v2) into? 🤔

I’m happy to say that I was able to get this laptop to an OSS developer that is local to me. Thanks to everyone that boosted. Hopefully the laptop is useful for them, and I’m glad it is not going to the landfill or otherwise unused ewaste.

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I have a Star Labs Star Lite laptop (runs Linux) that I’d like to give away to an open source developer. Please let me know if you are interested, or nominate someone. Thanks!

It’s “unsubscribe” day. Thanks to all these brands for reminding me.

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