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Overcast, windy days like this make me wish we had a little wind turbine making electricity on every house.

Now I need to decide whether I need a MakerMade M2 (basically a Maslow version 2) CNC router. A powered jigsaw will probably do the cuts fine.

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Making plans for either a winter or spring boat build. It will most likely be a 14’ skiff with a lug sail from plywood and epoxy — a good first build and it’ll help me get out rowing and sailing in local waters quick.

Wondering whether I buy a sailboat kit so the plywood comes pre-cut, or I spend the difference on a Maslow CNC kit and spend a bunch of extra time converting paper plans to CNC.

After waiting nearly a month for shipping and customs, my order from Lilygo for compatible dev boards showed up, and it was the wrong devices — they sent some sort of wireless spy cameras. Very frustrating since I don’t have and hardware to experiment with. Ordering from Aliexpress is not a great experience.

This is the point where it will probably look the best for awhile. Next up: drilling holes and screwing parts in place…

And thought I was cc’ing @neauoire @rek but it didn’t take on the previous message.

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Sailing catamaran with a workshop and 3D printer onboard in a converted berth. (Apologies for the Reddit link, but didn’t want to link to their Instagram.)

cc @requiem

I’m quite a bit enamored with this little boat. I guess I’ll have to set up my garage as a woodworking shop. @requiem

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Ok, so now I’m on to the “what if I spent the winter building a wooden sailboat?” part of the process.

I also have a friend ( @twopoint718 ) who has a small sailboat over in Madison, WI. So being able to tow a boat on a trailer there and have a day where we’re both out on a lake would be nice. And would give me an excuse to play with the LoRa radios for ship-to-ship data.

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I’m not sure whether my goal would be to escape from the Great Lakes to get to the Atlantic or not. For the time being I still have a FT job and would need to be home for that.

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Sailboats on the Great Lakes must be pulled out and stored all winter, which adds to the cost. As evidence of this, someone is selling a Pearson 32 in “ok” condition for $3k because they don’t want to pay to store it this winter. And of course a larger boat (30 feet or more) costs more to store. I’d probably do better to find someone I can tow with our hybrid and store in the driveway, although I have a very small driveway.

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It’s the wrong season for it in the Midwest as our days get shorter and colder, but I am looking at sailboats again.

Joe Armstrong: “I think software is getting worse and worse and worse with time.”

Winter is coming. We’ve done a fair bit to make our house more insulated, and a little more weathertight, but it is really hard and expensive to make it be fully resilient — passive house level air-sealing and insulation, solar PV, and heat pumps plus a backup heat source. Someday.

Here’s one way to make low-power devices: make them smart enough to halt and resume from the same spot & memory through power loss.

The key thing for me was making appropriate workflows in how I use the #GeminiPDA I do a lot of typing on the go and in cafes for personal journaling and #gopher phosts, so the hardware keyboard was indespensable and also the crowdfunding discount for the wifi version was on point.

Someone has a wood fire going and the smoke is lingering on our block rather than drafting away. Makes me like wood stoves and fireplaces less, when the smoke can fill your house in a few minutes and air purifiers don’t seem to be able to clear it out.

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