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We talk about low-power computing and retrocomputing here, but has anyone tried to reduce the energy use of code? (Rather than optimizing it for other goals.) Particularly for their day job?

I’ve been enjoying the slower pace of the fediverse by having less connections here.

Removing Google Analytics from my personal sites because I haven't found use for it in years -- it rarely tells me more than that people still find my old mosh guide on my blog. A few bytes saved on every page, and a lot less tracking of visitors.

Looking into — has anyone gotten this working? I think it might be neat for the esp32 LoRa boards that I ordered.

I ordered some LoRa boards to experiment with.
This may also get me to finally help out on disaster radio firmware and not just lurk on the mailing list.

@requiem meet @apg so that I can close the loop on friends that I’ve talked about Forth with.

Thinking about low-power computing this morning and building a homebrew computer. Was reminded of and

@requiem - A few years ago I read and liked but I can’t say I remembered any Forth after reading it. It does go into a lot of the thought processes, and having more mental models always helps with understanding.

Stashing this here for later.
I’ve had it in my mind to make an eink laptop/workstation for awhile. The eink screens have just been small and slow. But laptops continue to get more and more power hungry (as the 4K touchscreen on my Thinkpad demonstrates) and I’d much rather trade some resolution and screen size for battery life and less migraine-inducing light.

Making the jump over to the Fediverse. Haven’t spent much time on Twitter over the last few years. More than anything, just hoping to talk about ideas and projects here.


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