@requiem you go to change the temperature. A cursor blinks on a terminal. “This is unix, I know this” you tell yourself. You cat 72 into /dev/furnace0 and hear it roar to life.

After waiting nearly a month for shipping and customs, my order from Lilygo for disaster.radio compatible dev boards showed up, and it was the wrong devices — they sent some sort of wireless spy cameras. Very frustrating since I don’t have and disaster.radio hardware to experiment with. Ordering from Aliexpress is not a great experience.

@requiem somewhere they mentioned they only use this at anchor. Cooking at sea requires a gymbal stove.. now I’m imagining a gymbal 3D printer or a whole gymbal workbench. 😂

This is the point where it will probably look the best for awhile. Next up: drilling holes and screwing parts in place…

@neauoire @rek I did not realize until I poked around this site who this was! Very cool! The Winnebiko is such a unique part of computing history.

@neauoire @rek the big limit to my participation in Project Entropy back in 2018 was the fact that I was not in New Zealand. Oh well.

@rek @neauoire very cool! I suppose if plastic crusher+extruder tech gets better, one could start recycling plastic out of the ocean!

(And how I got interested in the Maslow CNC but I still don’t have one.)

@neauoire @rek @technomancy I’ll handwave over the details but when I was more enamored with crypto/smart contracts and was talking to project-entropy.com/ my main focus was the “makerspace on a sailboat” idea, with maybe the potential to act like the maker arm of Burners without Borders. Which is how I got into disaster.radio/ and I’m now planning to try and port the protocol to Esp32forth.

@neauoire @rek totally makes sense. Saltwater mist is probably too harsh! I learned how to solder from some bubbleheads (submariners) and they stressed that you had to precut your components before soldering and couldn’t leave exposed component leads or wire. Their instruction really helped when years later I built a point-to-point Atreus keyboard designed by @technomancy and precut everything to fit.

And thought I was cc’ing @neauoire @rek but it didn’t take on the previous message.

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Sailing catamaran with a workshop and 3D printer onboard in a converted berth. reddit.com/r/SailboatCruising/ (Apologies for the Reddit link, but didn’t want to link to their Instagram.)

cc @requiem

@requiem there is often an internal usb hub. This is also how they’re able to provide higher power to devices connected, and sometimes it also houses the charge circuitry if there’s USB-C power.

@requiem there’s also the speed that professionals work at! At least for building shelter, it’s important it gets done on time and without weather getting in!

@requiem this is a similar reason to why I haven’t built my own highly-insulated little house. While it is a limiting belief to say “I’m not good at building things with wood” that I’m trying to get over, building something larger than me, like a house, is better done by a crew that knows what they’re doing.

@requiem boat I was looking at building will not fit in garage, especially not on a trailer. Oh well. Downsides of having a tiny urban lot + garage.

@requiem of course! “Before I can build my boat, I must tweak this open source CNC router to be better at making boat parts!”

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