Periodic check in to talk about Linux laptops. Loving my X1 Nano first gen. Even with an i5 it’s plenty powerful for what I need a personal machine to do: browsing, light text editing and messing with scripts, and slicing 3D prints. Works great with my Type-C/DisplayPort hub and monitor. Weight is more like a 12” iPad Pro than a laptop. Keyboard travel is short but not terrible.

A brand new 32gb microSD card with a fresh install of Armbian survived 24 hours without disk errors on the Mango Pi, so that was just a bad microSD (which has now been pitched, even though I was tempted to try to continue using it in a camera or something.)

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The microSD card I was using in the Mango Pi MQ Pro is now throwing errors after it sat overnight. Going to get a new SD card and hope the corruption was just due to using an old microSD card from other projects.

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And just for fun, here’s the Mango Pi in front of my other project, a RockPro64-based NAS.

In any case, here’s the Mango Pi MQ Pro in a Raspberry Pi Zero case that I printed (and drilled a hole for the wifi antenna of the Mango Pi.) Had a heat sink so I used it.

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Can anyone use an AMD Sempron 145 CPU + motherboard? I’ll ship it to you for cost if you’ve got a use in mind besides just making it e-waste.

Following up on the Mango Pi MQ Pro — the RISC processor is proving a little underpowered just updating apt package lists. (Running at 400% CPU when it doesn’t have that many threads — only a single core.) This might be too underpowered to use as an Octoprint host.

Cc @kelbot

@requiem @cstanhope I also came to ask “with what features?” Because the kb for say, my open source project versus something with Stackoverflow-level scope and conversations, would be quite different.

If data and search can run on 1 server (doesn't need to search multiple servers or kbs), then federated identity to ask questions and (depending on intended use) answer questions might be enough.

Also let’s not rebuild Zendesk please. Support tickets can be handled by something else, LOL.

@alienghic thank you! I have to rig the ATX style power to drive the SATA drives in my WIP RockPro64 NAS. I’ll probably power the RockPro64 off it too. (The larger power adapter that Pine64 sold me just won’t provide enough watts for me to be comfortable reliably driving 4x NAS drives.)

Does anyone have experience with PicoPSUs (small solid state boards for powering PCs, typically off a laptop charger brick) ? Wondering what I should look for and if I should avoid all the very cheap versions.

Trying to get Ambiance working on the MangoPi MQ Pro so that I can set it to as my octoprint server.

@kelbot I did the same with another battery pack, now I have perfectly-fine batteries for my LoRa meshtastic boards.

I really need to get my octoprint server working. I’m tired of swapping MicroSD cards around and having to walk over to the printer to see its progress and estimated time remaining.

@liaizon I thought I might wire this up with BeeHive on my yunohost but I haven’t spent any time on it yet.

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