And just for fun, here’s the Mango Pi in front of my other project, a RockPro64-based NAS.

In any case, here’s the Mango Pi MQ Pro in a Raspberry Pi Zero case that I printed (and drilled a hole for the wifi antenna of the Mango Pi.) Had a heat sink so I used it.

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Got three more TBeams, flashed them with Meshtastic. Now to solder on the screens and find a 3D printable case. Also shown: the TBeam I already had, which doesn’t have a working GPS but does have the higher gain antenna.

Teaser for an upcoming blog post. Yes, I’m swapping out the screen on my 51nb X210. (For the same 1440x900 display model, but one without dead pixels and backlight blemishes.)

My copy of the Pretty Good House book finally got here after I’d pre-ordered it, and I’m excited to read it! They’re very pragmatic about creating energy efficient, low-carbon houses that will last, using things like heat pumps and thick cellulose insulation. They also have a site up covering their ideas at

Last night coding with the Thinklight turned on, sitting on the back porch in the dark.

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New-to-me: 51nb x210. “Sleeper” Thinkpad with an 8th-gen i5 in it. Going to get some upgrades including a new screen, eventually. Have already taken it fully apart (other than the screen+hinge) and put it all back together — wild that a modern-ish processor is in a laptop with removable battery, removable keyboard, replaceable RAM, and so on. Not sure on battery life yet, but it is running all the powertop suggestions + TLP service.

I didn’t want to link to Amazon, so here’s a screenshot of a weird and cool keyboard with its own touchscreen display that I found. Still needs a host (looks like video over Type-C), but very close to a cyberdeck!

And because someone will ask, here’s the display with the backlight off, doing the transflective thing with the ambient light in my home office. cc @apg

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The OLPC XO-1 arrived and has a working battery, so that’s cool. It even booted up and ran for about 20 minutes on the battery alone before I plugged in the power. The OS & firmware are fairly old, but updating those is apparently simple — it is running the update now.

Water propagating basil. The basil is growing well on hydroponic setup, so it is time for a few more plants.

My own garden progress. Indoor lettuce, kale, and herbs on the right. Starting tomatoes and peppers on the left, which will eventually be transplanted outside. Lights on a simple timer, everything fits into a kitchen rack and house plants go on top and get some indirect light through south-facing windows.


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