Is there an OpenWRT flavor intended for community meshes, that doesn’t require people flashing them to do things like properly create a private key? And is reasonably mature and active? (I used an older one called Commotion but it seems unmaintained.)

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While I was reading about a couple of community mesh networks, a couple of them mentioned using this upstream

@alienghic I forgot that different models of routers need different firmware images for OpenWRT. Was hoping this was accessible to non-technical people, particularly if we need to set one up in an emergency. That might be a pipe dream. Some sort of community fund could buy a bunch of identical hardware and have it set up and pre flashed, but I don’t know of such a neighborhood org here and would have a hard time explaining it to the regular neighborhood group or convincing them to spend money.


You might want to take a look at NYC means how to start a community network how to

I think they eventually moved away from using reflashed hardware for their mesh and just bought ubiquiti wireless mesh hardware.

Though other smaller mesh groups do start with the repurposed hardware.

@alienghic thank you again! These links have been really helpful.

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