Is there an open hardware NAS? (Doesn’t even have to be commercial if it’s something you can piece together yourself, I’m just concerned about the drive backplane.) Thinking more Synology/Drobo size or like the now-discontinued Kobo Helios64 in size than a full server tower or rackmount. Doesn’t have to be an ARM CPU but that’s probably a plus.

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@cstanhope thanks! I wonder if anyone has any hands on experience with one of these. Time to go hunting for blog posts and reviews.

@mathiasx I have a gnubee and the truth is that I am disappointed. Maybe it's my fault for mounting a software RAID-5 (not the best option for its computing power), but the performance is poor.
Anyway I think it's a great project and I hope to see more similar things in the future.
I hope that for your intended use, it will serve you better than me.

@RileyStarlight I am probably still looking — I was hoping that the SBC part of it was upgradable, but the Gnubee has the CPU/SoC integrated into the backplane.

And that’s understandable about the performance of software RAID. I will keep looking for a hardware RAID solution that’ll still with work something like a Raspberry Pi 4 or Rock64 Pro.

@RileyStarlight or maybe RP compute modules is more likely. Still looking.

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