Now that I’ve seen the thread about what RSS feed readers people are using, what feeds are you following these days? I’ll take all recommendations.

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I should’ve given some ideas of what I’m looking for feeds for, so here goes: tech folks’ personal blogs, creating programming languages, learning programming languages, writing Forth or Lisp or similar, retro-computing, low tech solutions to sustainability.

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for the links, everyone! If you’ve got a personal blog feel free to add it here. Slowly getting back into the habit of using a feed reader and curating what I read.

@mathiasx Numerous! Hard for me to decide which ones to highlight without a more specific prompt.

So save for that I'll just say most of the links I share in the mornings have webfeeds, that's how I find them! And I have a couple of my own:


here's three real fast.

if you're using firefox I'd recommend the awesomeRSS addon

so you can get a little icon in your addressbar to show up when it detects a site's feed.

with some fiddling you can get it to launch your feed reader program with the feed url, but it is more annoying than I'd want to explain here.

@mathiasx Lotsa webcomics, but I feel like that's not what you had in mind.

Adrian Roselli writes about accessibility, particularly Web accessibility:

The blog of @cadey:

Cory Doctorow's blog:

The Dolphin Wii emulator has great technical deep dives:

Blog of @cks:

Heydon's somewhat satirical blog that often covers accessibility:

Blog of ranges from the YesterWeb movement to introspective book reviews:

The mango zone has gotten multiple laughs out of me:

I list three feeds on my homepage: 🥺

Most software forges also have RSS and/or Atom feeds for tags/releases and commits. Every Reddit search and YouTube channel also had a feed.

Most Fediverse servers publish per-user feeds.

Might reply with more later the recent changes pages of mediawiki websites i contribute to, LOL


This is my sfeedrc, slightly edited. There are 39 feeds there (in alphabetical order), nearly all personal techy blogs.

I use this script: to generate this page: to view recent posts.

#sfeed #rss

The script runs in a cronjob every couple of hours to update it.

@apg let me know when it is fixed since my feed reader is refusing to even save a broken feed URL 🤷🏽‍♂️

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