Ordered a $16 “irrigation” filter with stainless steel debris filter, to attempt to rig a micro plastics and lint filter to my clothes washing machine outlet. This way, less micro plastics make it down the drain and into our water and environment. Will likely cost a bit more in plumbing parts to make it all work. Hoping that the filter has enough flow. Will report back.

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Using gray water is not legal here so not even going to attempt to figure that out.

Letting it go through a filter and down the drain is much simpler.

@mathiasx it’s not legal? Is the water company operated by the mob?

@apg It’s one of those “if the health department finds out, you’re in trouble” things. Wouldn’t need a plumber to do it but also it’d be a bit complicated with a tank and pumps. Probably not worth it with my current urban house setup.

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