Sailing catamaran with a workshop and 3D printer onboard in a converted berth. (Apologies for the Reddit link, but didn’t want to link to their Instagram.)

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@mathiasx @rek that's fun if you don't sail much and stay in port. It reminds me a bit of Datawake:

@neauoire @rek totally makes sense. Saltwater mist is probably too harsh! I learned how to solder from some bubbleheads (submariners) and they stressed that you had to precut your components before soldering and couldn’t leave exposed component leads or wire. Their instruction really helped when years later I built a point-to-point Atreus keyboard designed by @technomancy and precut everything to fit.

@neauoire @rek @technomancy I’ll handwave over the details but when I was more enamored with crypto/smart contracts and was talking to my main focus was the “makerspace on a sailboat” idea, with maybe the potential to act like the maker arm of Burners without Borders. Which is how I got into and I’m now planning to try and port the protocol to Esp32forth.

@mathiasx @rek @technomancy we hung out with the folks behind project-entropy during our time in new zealand :)

If you're interested in maker-space aboard, you might like to watch Whitespot Pirates, she's sailing with someone with a drill-press, an arc welder, and all sorts of power tools aboard.

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