Ok, so now I’m on to the “what if I spent the winter building a wooden sailboat?” part of the process.

I’m quite a bit enamored with this little boat. sailingmagazine.net/article-pe I guess I’ll have to set up my garage as a woodworking shop. @requiem

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@mathiasx that sounds like a great way to spend a few winters 😁

@requiem yeah, and it turns out I might have just enough garage to build this but not to store it on a trailer. Even smaller boats are tippy and don’t really have accommodations to sleep onboard. Building this from scratch would be a good excuse to get a Maslow CNC — but I’d also have to redo all the plans in CAD!

@mathiasx if you’re like me, you’ll spend more time messing with the CNC machine than it would probably take to build the boat by hand 🤣

Growing up I had friends who always seemed to have some room in a barn or shed for a project like this, but seems like they all got bought or burned down…

@requiem of course! “Before I can build my boat, I must tweak this open source CNC router to be better at making boat parts!”

@mathiasx replace “boat” with “watch” and that describes my first 7 years of 3D printing…


@requiem boat I was looking at building will not fit in garage, especially not on a trailer. Oh well. Downsides of having a tiny urban lot + garage.

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@mathiasx I bought a CNC mill off Craigslist because it was $250. It is also about 400lbs. I screwed my right arm up for about a year after loading it into a truck with one other person.

This is relevant because after that I've decided that I don't want to own anything that I can't lift (even if I have to take it apart) unless it can be moved under it's own power...😂​

@requiem this is a similar reason to why I haven’t built my own highly-insulated little house. While it is a limiting belief to say “I’m not good at building things with wood” that I’m trying to get over, building something larger than me, like a house, is better done by a crew that knows what they’re doing.

@mathiasx I’ve had to do more of that sort of analysis over the years. For me it’s exciting to learn something new and even if it costs more to make-up for my mistakes, the value of learning makes it worthwhile.

At the same time, falling off my roof and dying or being too broken to feed my family would be a problem, so I’ve had to delegate some projects to professionals 🤣

@requiem there’s also the speed that professionals work at! At least for building shelter, it’s important it gets done on time and without weather getting in!

@mathiasx yes and no. In my experience pros don’t get everything done faster. I’ve actually fired contractors because I got tired of waiting for them to finish and finished the job myself 🤣

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