It’s the wrong season for it in the Midwest as our days get shorter and colder, but I am looking at sailboats again.

Sailboats on the Great Lakes must be pulled out and stored all winter, which adds to the cost. As evidence of this, someone is selling a Pearson 32 in “ok” condition for $3k because they don’t want to pay to store it this winter. And of course a larger boat (30 feet or more) costs more to store. I’d probably do better to find someone I can tow with our hybrid and store in the driveway, although I have a very small driveway.

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I’m not sure whether my goal would be to escape from the Great Lakes to get to the Atlantic or not. For the time being I still have a FT job and would need to be home for that.

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I also have a friend ( @twopoint718 ) who has a small sailboat over in Madison, WI. So being able to tow a boat on a trailer there and have a day where we’re both out on a lake would be nice. And would give me an excuse to play with the LoRa radios for ship-to-ship data.

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