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a mating pair of idiots who are rightfully going extinct found like the single yard with a cat

I said god make my enemies ridiculous and oops he made us all ridiculous, he made us all complete fuckin idiots, my bad

it's totally reasonable to want to interrogate the ideological premises of movies scientologist celebrities are in, right? or are the celebrities given such a different version of it they aren't trying to push weird ideas with the roles they choose? because it seems absurd the church WOULDN'T do that given, like, everything

remember when this website was horny instead of just self-aware jokes about the concept of horniness

the weirdest thing about me is that I've been on the internet my whole life and almost entirely just Earnestly Engaged with things and people for the most part.

Is it more humiliating to get dropped by your therapist or your dealer? deep questions

you can't encourage people to be rational AND to trust their instincts and gut feelings and intuitions, it's one or the other pretty much by definition

I like dip pens and brush pens and whatever, but ballpoint pens are top-10 all-time miracle shit inventions

a seam ripper has rapidly become my favorite thing to have on me at all times, beating every multitool ever by a lot

I have purchased a new Sonic game in the year of our lord 2017

aahghgggh I have f.lux set to disengage for fullscreen video but it's so jarring, it's flattering for people because it makes everybody look tan, so they become these fucking flabby pale corpses for a minute until I get used to it

these days when I see a text form on the internet I mostly just want to write "pffffffft" (with some variation on the number of Fs)

anyway synthetic psilocybin is gonna save the world, pressure is off everybody, you can chill

also honest to god what the fuck i'm 27

several gray hairs from the artist's temple at 120x, I can send them to you if you need them to curse me or something

ahhh I want to have a good faith discussion with somebody about the google memo but it's goddamn impossible