Hey , , , I'm not sure where to address this question:

In Firefox an svg icon with fill: currentColor, doesn't follow the color of a visited link, while webkit based browsers do. Any idea _why_ ? Is it somehow related to the privacy concerns regarding :visited links ?

To exemplify my question, here's a jsfiddle to test in Chrome and Firefox: jsfiddle.net/sgujecfL/8

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@mariusor I don't have a solution, but today I learned about currentColor, so thanks!

Honestly though, it sounds like a bug. Given that you've already made the reproducible test case, I'd report it at bugzilla.mozilla.org.

@vinnl thanx for the suggestion, I was thinkig also that the bug tracker might be where I end up with this. :)

And yes, currentColor is a boon for using svg icons instead of a full size pre-made icon font.

Glad I could help.

@mariusor Wow, that was triaged really quickly. Apparently a recent bug :)

@vinnl in a servo component no less. Pretty cool that they are looking into it this quick.

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