@sir made an account. :) Will give it a try over the w/e.

@sir I'm working to push a small misspell commit...

@sir damn, I forgot you're a proponent for mail patches rather than Fork - PR. BRB reading the manual. :)

@sir Done: lists.sr.ht/~sircmpwn/sr.ht-de

And if I may, you probably should use a url which is a little less leaky with a contributor's information. :D

@mariusor this is by design, your email isn't a secret with git and it's not a secret on sr.ht

@sir yet we should make it as difficult as possible for scrapers to get emails.

@mariusor I've taken some precautions. I will be changing these URLs, but it'll still be possible to get emails out of sr.ht

@sir why not use a similar strategy as lkml does to the emails? (as I'm writing this, I saw that lkml doesn't strip the email from the patch itself... sigh)

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