Last reminder.

I'm moving instances to

Please follow me there if you want to keep in touch.

Daily reminder that I'm moving instances.

Please re-follow me at if you want to keep in touch.


Reminder, I'm moving to a new instance.

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Hello, I'm moving to

If you want to keep in touch follow me there because this account is soon to be deleted.


Hey , , , I'm not sure where to address this question:

In Firefox an svg icon with fill: currentColor, doesn't follow the color of a visited link, while webkit based browsers do. Any idea _why_ ? Is it somehow related to the privacy concerns regarding :visited links ?

To exemplify my question, here's a jsfiddle to test in Chrome and Firefox:

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I have a few issues with go, first and foremost being that it insists it knows better than you what your code should look like. The package "internal/" convention being just one example of this unreasonableness.

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Writing Exchange clean up, invites 

As I've mentioned before, we're limiting this instance to 1,000 people, to keep the community fairly small and cozy (but not too small).

We're at 910 people today, so plenty of room to grow still! And if you know anyone who'd appreciate our instance, please feel free to invite them with the "Invite people" feature in your user settings.


@Gargron is respecting HTTP 405 (method not allowed) from instances that don't want to federate with it?

I have an app that keeps gettings spammed with Activities coming from even though it returns 405. What's a proper channel for submitting this type of issues?

@kaniini most of the links at
are broken. Why are you keeping the knowledge all to yourself?

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Just opened two forums topic to discuss important questions:

- How do we invest a funding Funkwhale just received?
- What kind of legal entity should we setup around the project?

Having some feedback here would be incredibly useful!

If you're not familiar with forums, we got you covered: ;)

Listening to Rome's latest "Who Only Europe Know", and I can't tell if it's just a song, or a hymn against immigration... and I wonder if the simmilarity to Hope for Deliverance is intentional or not.

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So I've been working on a #golang tool that will take in a JSON-LD RDF specification (like the #ActivityStreams one here and spit out generated Go code that automatically generates the static types for it.

The intent is, ActivityStreams extensions would be able to host this specification as their @context reference, people could use this tool to auto-generate the extension for their Go code, and then build their apps with it.

Damn, Toxjq out of duel playoffs. He seemd way off his usual rail game. :(

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Plasma Mobile coming to a Necuno phone 📱 near you! Check out the new open device that'll install KDE's mobile environment:

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