Osada and Zap peoples: It seems that a large number of people in the fediverse won't recognise your software as viable unless you introduce the nodeinfo statistics gathering protocol on your server so they can keep tabs on things that are none of their bloody business. I don't understand folks who are pre-occupied with this social network numbers game. The whole point of decentralised communications is to invalidate these corporate measures of worth and how many people use it. We don't know. We will never know.

Anyway you'll find a nodeinfo statistics addon is now included in the project addons (dev branch only at present). Install it if you want. If you look at the code, you can figure out how to list your site in the fediverse directories without actually revealing any useful information.

Bonus points for submitting a patch that generates random numbers.

Added paginated collections to the API of littr.me.

Hmm, had no idea that link aggregator lobste.rs is also working on adding support.

Ticket to follow: github.com/lobsters/lobsters/i

@dansup there is also a strong incentive for doing so, as music is a scary place in terms of copyright infringement laws / regulations :D

I am such a sucker for Bandcamp, first off because you can listen to and buy DRM free records from musicians - but also because of their Bandcamp Weekly write ups and music journalism endeavours that makes finding new music such a fun treat

#KDE is 22 years today!


My only regret: That we didn't push harder for the term "Kool Desktop Environment"

One of my post-1.0 goals for sway is accessibility, and I started working on making my workstation talk to me today.

✓ little vim plugin that makes it talk to you
✓ sway announces the focused window and workspace as it changes
✓ shortcut to read the output of shell commands aloud

WIP: making Weechat talk, talking email

Should also be trivial to make sway start up with virtual displays so you don't have to buy monitors you don't need

The part I dislike the most about working on a new web project is getting sidetracked by pigeonholing over minor styling issues.

I guess that's why it doesn't say "frontend developer" on my CV.

I would say one of the biggest reasons pixelfed is so well known is because of how much I talk about it. I try to post about it daily across a few accounts.

If you are building a new activitypub project, try to do daily or weekly development updates and keep your project in the minds of as many people you can!

Great success today, had the first :mastodon: interaction to my link aggregator go all the way. 🎉

In other words I lost my web-finger virginity today...

while trying to reverse engineer #activitypub implementations in order to learn about the protocol during tonight's homebrewserver.club meeting we discovered @puckipedia whose website just with responds bare JSON-LD objects. It is like an interactive tutorial to AP. At this point in time it actually the only hands-on place to learn how AP works without having to wrap one's head around the spec 👏🏿 .

Began today "Dictionary of the Khazars"... looks like it's going to be an interesting book.

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