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Kibousoft is just a couple people doing web development. It's as much of a "corporation" as I am, since I am self-employed and doing web development. was struggling with an owner who had no technical experience, so the people of Kibousoft offered to take it over. It wasn't bought out.

I'm sad to see people spreading misinformation about this. One of the Kibousoft guys was co-admin of KNZK and is one of the nicest people on here.

Oh shit. N.K. Jemisin is giving away one for her world building lecture for free!

''Recycle & repeat. The propaganda on is real. Always question the motives'':


Honestly, I've seen terrible takes about this even here on the . But is never okay.

Also, I don't get why should left wingers help an imperialist ? That's NEVER the correct position.

Calling all #Fediverse admins of instances in the #EU. The #CopyrightDirective is coming, we need to show the MEPs how massively the EU Internets will be affected.

We are preparing a list of all EU-based #Pleroma, #Mastodon, #GNUSocial, #Peertube, #Funkwhale, and any other instances.

Please *contact me*. All I need is the domain name, which EU Member State it's located in, and the rough topic of the instance. Approximate user count welcome, but not necessary.

Please help. This is important.

To the #degoogle and #deletefacebook advocates, the #privacy and #FOSS advocates, please consider contributing editing to #OpenStreetMap. I want a good and usable alternative to current popular #maps apps.
:yoshi_eat: :yoshi_tongue_mid: :yoshi_tongue_end: 🗺

The simplest way of thinking through this is to use Goethe's three questions:

- What are you trying to do? i. e. What is your intended meaning?

- How well are you doing it? i. e. Is this intended meaning sufficiently clear?

- Was it worth doing? i. e. Is the conclusion you want your reader to arrive at worth the journey you're taking them on?

And... that's gonna be my conclusion. Thank you so much for reading, and please share your thoughts and criticisms with me!

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"Interviews with #Venezuelan opposition figures and officials in Washington have confirmed that Leopoldo #López, a divisive former mayor of a Caracas borough, helped engineer #Guaidó’s meteoric rise – and still harbours ambitions to become Venezuela’s next president."

I wanna play a #DnD game where accumlating money is important and most currencies are backed by factions whose destruction/weakneing can mean whole currencies crash or loose all value, so X-Credits might be easy to get but if the fragile Merchant Conglomerate gets broken up you'll find yourself sitting on a pile of worthless metal

americans worst nightmare is like: what if someone did the shit that we do all the time,,,,, but,,, too US!!??!!!!!??!!


China 2069: Triumph or Travesty? by Andrew Leonard —a good read for Speculative Fiction fans as well as those interested in where China (& the world) might be heading, by cc


Chris Hedges: All the promises of the free market have turned out to be lies.

Hey, if you're a largely self-taught artist and you struggle sometimes with colors and shading, here's a couple tips for metal:

- never use pure greys. Slight blue tints give it that really shiny chrome/silver/steel look you're probably trying to get with grey
- don't be afraid of contrast and sharp edges. Even a perfect metallic sphere looks best with the highlights cleanly defined
- instead of using shadows for contrast, use a darker base tone and more highlights

Python Proof-of-Concept? 

meta, sub tooting, chastising, feel free to keep on scrolling 

Every anarchist, as an anarchist, would be perfectly willing to surrender his own scheme directly, if he saw that another worked better.
-- Voltairine de Cleyre

#anarchism #quote #bot

I have written a #guide to help people who want to run their own fedi instance but don't know where to start. It covers the basics of networking, use of command line, Linux system administration, just enough to get you started.

So if you would like to run your own #Mastodon or #Pleroma instance but you find you don't know enough to follow the tutorials, then this guide is for you.

Comments welcome!

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