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Finally this happened!

2019.01 release now officially supports out of the gate.

From their :

''The AP functionality was tested with Hubzilla, , , , , with and .''

Another bunch of users to interact with... a more viable alternative to FB and , because (and ) is the future of decentralised social net.

Thank you guys,

''Nostalgia can be healthy when it avoids outright obsession and stagnation, for it gives a frame of reference for what is to come.''

-- someone somewhere

@mattcropp @Ana Yes. The apolitical claim made me laugh. Probably a significant fraction of my posts here are political in some manner. Plus the fediverse as we know it came out of the Quitter anticapitalist/communist/anarchist perspective.

Mastodon is chumbawumbing -- and many blame the whisky drink, they blame the vodka drink, they blame the lager drink, they blame the cider drink

sorry @SpaceDoctorPhD but this article is bad and you should feel bad and despite your protestations it is not criticism it is a hit piece. i would suggest figuring out whatever is broken in your brain that makes you think that the only politics that exists is screaming about the bad orange man into the void, you'll be much happier if you can fix that. maybe actually follow some people on here instead of assuming sub-100 people represent the fediverse

if you think mastodon is ~apolitical~ i recommend starting with following @CornishRepublicanArmy

p.s. where tf did you dig up voz from thats a name i havent heard in a long time

I'm so old I remember when the entire tech industry FREAKED THE HECK OUT at the idea of 'Total Information Awareness' and now it's just 'yeah, that's literally our business plan, what's wrong with it'

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Alright, here it is: I am going to be making a zine every month this year out of newly public domain materials from 1923. I just launched a Kickstarter for subscriptions, which are capped at 100! Please back and share :)

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Russell Jacoby: The laws of social development are not identical with the laws in the natural sciences. The content of the social laws is not nature but second nature: coagulated history. They are manmade, but they also make men; they are dialectical, at once subject and object.

Because there's the concept of the marathon and the sprint. There are those who can go really fast really quickly and get to the finish line in a sprint. And there are distance runners who have to maintain superhuman endurance to cover a long distance.

(Metaphor's a little ableist, but I trust that it still works).

Capitalism makes sure that both these people fail.

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@kaniini I think we just need to replace W3C. Have a Fediverse Foundation or something like that which updates the protocol documentation. Give the people developing AP based servers edit permissions.

officially announcing i'm forming an exploratory committee to find my goddamn keys. i just fucking had them!

There were many ideas I had in mind when creating Kith.Kitchen: that it could be more than just a mircoblog; from providing useful tools for finding and creating recipes, to helping people organise around food-related social causes.

With this in mind I'd like to set up a group to help run the project as a cooperative, to keep it sustainable and help realise its potential.

If you're interested in helping, please let me know - no experience required, just a desire to help grow our community!

"In the absence of any commercial incentive to address educational and social injustice, it is left to companies developing AI for education to discover an intrinsic motivation for their product."

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Tutanota and the Leibniz University Hanover have joined forces to start a research project in post-quantum cryptography. 😎πŸ’ͺ Now we are looking for two software engineers to make Tutanota resistant against attacks from quantum computers:

v0.8.0 will be shipping soon! πŸš€

- Mobile APIs
- Improved federation
- Stories
- MicroUI

> Open Medium app
> Almost every article is premium now

This absolutely sucks.
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