We're publishing a book to celebrate #MozFest's 10th anniversary — and in true MozFest fashion, we want your help writing it.

If MozFest has had an impact on your life, work, or community over the past decade, share your story: t.co/V8geNJ1AIz t.co/gK90Wl4hyS tweeted by @mozilla

Zeus, I know you're upset, but I'm here to mediate the disagreement between yourself and Ra; my name is Flying Spaghetti Monster, I'm new around here so I have no bias...
#writingprompts #writing

@maloki @wion I just don't thin assuming bad intent is good, or healthy.

#Mobilizon, Framasoft’s Facebook Events/Groups alternative, successfully reached it’s first step of funding in a week! This gets it to a beta release by end of year, and maybe a V1 by mid 2020.

But the fund drive isn’t over. There are two steps to go with 54 days to get there. Step 2 funding is an important one. It will finance the integration of ActivityPub and development of administration tools for instance managers.


@maloki @wion To be fair, they do mention Administration tools, which, I guess, has to include some moderation out of the box too.

chelsea manning
so inspiring
(as the empire continues to punish her for her autonomous actions)


Trump must avoid ‘very stupid and costly war’ with Iran – Tulsi Gabbard
Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard came out swinging against a possible conflict with Iran, slamming President Donald Trump for allowing war hawks to run his administration. Read Full Article at RT.com

@sikkdays An interesting, (if perhaps arrogant?) argument... that says nothing about the fact that medicine research is largely publicly funded, and thus need not the private sector. But I digress...

Americans monopolise everything. $550 for glasses? The f. It's not just healthcare and banking fees that're screwed up over there apparently. youtube.com/watch?v=Mx1dMvbT5F

who the fuck is scraeming “YOU HAVE FINISHED WINDS OF WINTER” at my house. show yourself, coward. I will never finish Winds of Winter.

If a packet hits a pocket on a socket on a port
And the bus is interrupted as a very last resort
And the address of the memory makes the floppy disk abort
Then the socket-packet-pocket has an error to report!

Time to announce this plan: I am working on a redesign of the joinmastodon.org server picker. I am also planning to switch out the data source from instances.social to my own API. The main reason for this is the addition of a new guarantee that I would be able to give when linking to servers from joinmastodon.org: That those servers would meet certain standards and enforce some basic rules of conduct.

Below is a screenshot with old, uncurated data as placeholder.


Twitter seems to be tightening it's algorithms to make certain topics invisible. This is specially the case with #wikileaks and #Assange related tweets. They get remarkably low number of "impressions" / views in comparison to my other tweets.

Just deleted the Mail app off iPhone. That one felt good.

Independent Journalist: *spends years gathering information and contacts, putting themselves in incredible danger to compile data into a comprehensive report.*

Corporate Journalist: *Looks at the independent Journalists report for two minuets*

We use the word "boilerplate" a lot at work. It's such a strange phrase that seems like it's probably traveled far from its original meaning, so I looked up what that meaning was.

It goes back to newspapers. Large advertisers and content syndicates would distribute ready-to-go printing plates to local newspapers that could easily just go onto the press and be ready to print without any modification. These plates resembled rolled steel that was used to make boilers.

Hence: boilerplate.

Let the chips fall where they may. But then organize them by color no one likes a messy magoo.

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