I appreciate Substack and what it represents as a platform that democratizes content while respecting writers.

But the fact of the matter is, its lack of customization will hurt it over time.

I wrote about this topic here: t.co/p6fuvXo7V3

at this point i’m just waiting for google to remove downloads entirely

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ActivityPub can be confusing and/or hard to test or develop against.

I started a new side project called FediDB to help Pixelfed and other implementations debug federation issues.

It will be launching soon, need to test DMs and Federated Stories in Pixelfed 😅

I'm eager to work with other projects on this!

#activitypub #federation #pixeldev #fediverse #mastodon #pleroma #anfora #peertube #pixelfed #funkwhale #honk #gnusocial

A few of us are working to restart the Tech Workers Coalition newsletter. We published our first issue yesterday: news.techworkerscoalition.org/

As the issue says: "Learning about how we’re all connected and building relationships to make positive change across the industry is a slow but necessary process."

Join us!

@ticky Well, something like @Tutanota is an encrypted email already, but not really sure it’s actually PGP that’s true...

Just discovered Chronus today. What a lucky find! Reminded me a little bit of The Mute Gods and Volbeat for sure, but some reviewer had the foresight that influences of the good old Ghost are also clearly apparent.

I mean, like the OLD Ghost band, before all that royalties and face-reveal drama happened. Which is just as well, since I don't think the pre-Prequelle Ghost sound is ever coming back, and that was a shame.

Until today, of course:


#metal #music

Surveillance capitalists, Lord of the Rings 

open-source low-cost ventilator (covid)(pls boost) 

DIY tech project question, please boost 

[BOT POST] ranting about trotskyism again 

Even more #free as in #gratis stuff from #GOG:
* Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition - #Soundtrack (#mp3, #flac)
* Neverwinter Nights: Darkness Over Daggerford - Soundtrack (mp3, flac)
* #NeverwinterNights: Premium Adventures - Soundtrack (mp3) * #Pathfinder: #Kingmaker - Artbook
* #ShadowTactics: #BladesOfTheShogun - #Artbook
* #Frostpunk, Children of Morta, Moonlighter - #wallpapers and #avatars

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food assistance 

@thor I mean staying home and working on projects you didn’t have time for isn’t such a bad idea...?

us pol, covid, failed rich state (-) 

@ink_slinger Feeling like a slacker is a fault of our keeping busy. I always think of relaxing as a form of intellectual work for the mind if you will...

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