@hugh I suspect they are planning to release their own copycat functionality like that soon, and killing off 3rd party competition as a first step is pretty typical for them...

@frankiesaxx But the game mechanics in a novel, is that like having different choices, pathways in the development of the story, or...

Hmmm... anyway, will have to check these out.

@Maltimore @ink_slinger That’s understandable. On the one hand, taking their time and doing it properly, rather than rushing it’ll probably result in a better product, but on the other, wanting to already have it in your hands is completely justified. Hopefully not much longer at this stage tho ;)

@Maltimore @ink_slinger Why would you cancel? You can pick which version you want shipped.

Ooh, wait... what?! Having Divinity on the just blew my mind considering the reactivity of that world.


@tootapp @astheroth @fdroidorg Actually, the compiled distributed binnary can have whatever tweaks, or blocks it wants, without violating the GPL.

The four freedoms apply to the fact that the source code should be available, but a particular ‘distribution’ can ship it with whatever modifications it wants, and that’s fine with GPL.

technically, it's not a fork, since github won't let you fork the same repo to the same org, but anyway, here's a #Plume experiment: github.com/Plume-org/plume-asy

We consider moving away from GitHub for #Plume, and we would like to have your opinion on the issue, and on possible Gitlab instances to host the project. All your suggestions and comments are welcome!


i want computers to be as magical as their promises

Documentation is critical to the health of #opensource projects, but it is often overlooked. We heard from a number of you who wanted to help with ours, and next week is your chance.

Join our DocsHackathon Monday 2 September to Friday 6 September. We’ll be rewarding the top 3 contributors with prizes at the end of the week.


praxis term misapplication joke 

Your body felt just like a T-shirt
And I wanna build a tower to all the nicer things you could have been

As asked for by someone on here, I decided to do my next talking topic on voice in writing!


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