now fully completed their paywalling efforts. The public page's now completely inaccessible without logging in.

Unsuspecting visitors to Medium's now can't them unless they lock themselves into the platform.

The ability to search for new written by independent creators? Gone! The goal's to usurp content created by others free of charge to make you pay the centralized platform to access it.

exists to combat this, using the power of the .

It's such a great feeling to be able to get off and host the content that I've spent myself, thanks to .

Probably my most detailed has to do with the basic necessities of structuring a :

I just published a long, rambling on and from the everyday 's perespective anew, using Plume's new editor to make that big chunk of text more pleasing on the eyes, and easier to digest in strides with small paragraphs.

The takes there are subjective, so it's nothing definitive, but I do cite a few studies you may be interested in out of curiosity:

The text's now hosted on my own , and federated on the most popular servers

The for that have been started, but need help to really get going right now are:







If you like helping out with projects, have some time and (obviously) speak the , chip in a sentence, or two:

It's appreciated, and helpful to the diverse community here on the , so thank you.

Great work done for DE, ES, IT, JP already...

The Slovak of is now a 100% complete.

However, the translation is only at 95%, while being at 72% and is currently just 5% done.

Whoever translated and for and could help out with Plume localisation over at:

Thank you,

Have been slowly moving my blogs over to live instances, in order to shackle the free from corporate control, and instead have it within the . has been going to shit for a bunch of years now, even if we skip over data ownership for a second.

It's descend into a premium walled garden is now complete, with pay-to-get-seen policies running amok over there.

An aggregator of mainstream and profitable opinions, it boosted its prominence of free, user-generated quality content, to now aid the 's in every sphere.

It is really at a fitting point in time that is on its way to replace it.

The engine, , has got a fresh new website:

It is one of the most complete projects still in alpha stage, and looking very neat too.

Things to do to help the project:

- contribute financially
- make a translation
- launch an instance

There are already some stable and updated Plume running right now:, or, or, as well as, more soon.

Finally, I am slowly moving from the proprioatery platform to the much more interesting looking .

Very excited to expand content!


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