I know this background behind the Evernote CEO should seem thematic, but to me it just looks way too staged and almost comical if you focus purely on it:

now fully completed their paywalling efforts. The public page's now completely inaccessible without logging in.

Unsuspecting visitors to Medium's now can't them unless they lock themselves into the platform.

The ability to search for new written by independent creators? Gone! The goal's to usurp content created by others free of charge to make you pay the centralized platform to access it.

exists to combat this, using the power of the .

Trying out Linky for . Works good enough so far for . I like the idea of clipping links into toots directly from Safari.

So am on ATM, browsing the net through , and then suddenly this happens:

Medium.com has been going to shit for a bunch of years now, even if we skip over data ownership for a second.

It's descend into a premium walled garden is now complete, with pay-to-get-seen policies running amok over there.

An aggregator of mainstream and profitable opinions, it boosted its prominence of free, user-generated quality content, to now aid the 's in every sphere.

It is really at a fitting point in time that is on its way to replace it.

Saw this, instantly felt that there's just that little bit more justice in the world 😉

That's all well and good for them, but what does it mean for 'The Reputation Institute' to rank companies? Then even like Amazon and Wallmart could spin it as 'named reputable by the Reputation Institute', even if in fact they were number 100569 on that list.

Hey, @Gargron , I thought of just a small cosmetic change for in it's next version. Display on the login page as well, which the user is on /which server they are logging into.

I am attaching a small composed of how this could look, were you to this .

Thank you for your time and effort.


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